Based on your astrological sign which Animal Crossing character best represents you

If you know someone's birthday, you can use the zodiac signs to make some educated guesses about their personality

If you know someone's birthday, you can use the zodiac signs to make some educated guesses about their personality. People can even consult their daily horoscopes for insight into how their lives will unfold. It's all in good fun and for your entertainment, even if some people question the idea that one's personality can be influenced by the stars.


Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons each have their own unique personality, and the game is full of them. There are a few different characters that perfectly embody the characteristics that are associated with each Zodiac sign.

12. Leos Are TalkativeLeos, like Isabelle, typically have a topic that ACNH bells enjoy discussing the most, and it's likely something about themselves.

It's possible that some people think Leos talk just so ACNH Medieval Designs can hear them roar.

Leos and Isabelle both have the trait of being talkative. She frequently continues on with details about her crossword puzzles, her conversations with her family, or a television show that she is currently watching after making an announcement about the island.

11. A Wisp, similar to a Cancer, has a low threshold for fear and is easily startled.

When players get their first look at Wisp, they might be taken aback to see a ghost on their island for the first time. Wisp, on the other hand, is the one that runs away in terror whenever players get too close to him, which results in bits and pieces of his spirit being dispersed in all different directions. Geminis Are Gamblers Like Daisy Mae

  • Geminis are the kind of people who can talk their friends into doing just about anything ACNH Outdoor Library Designs want

  • Because of their tendency toward impulsivity, Geminis enjoy taking chances, particularly when the potential payoff outweighs the potential downside

  • Daisy Mae is the name of the boar that travels to a player's island every week on Sunday in order to sell turnips

  • Players stand to lose bells if the investment they make does not turn a profit, but they stand to gain a significant amount of bells if the price is just right


9. Taureans have a propensity to prioritize sleep above all other activities, and it is common knowledge that  can doze off at any time and in any place. A player's island will be visited by Gulliver, a seagull, approximately once every two weeks. The players' objective is to bring Gulliver out of his unconscious state by repeatedly trying to communicate with him in some way.


8. It is usually not worth your time to drop by their houses unexpectedly because there is a good chance that  are not there. Aries have a propensity to believe that rather than a physical location, home is a state of mind. However, they are kind enough to bring mementos back from their travels to far-flung places. Saharah is a camel that comes all the way from a distant land to assist players in the customization of their homes with her one-of-a-kind imports. Once a week, Saharah will travel to a player's island carrying with her a mysterious wallpaper, a mysterious flooring, and rugs of varying sizes.

7. Pisces Are Shy Like Sables Just Like They Are

It's common knowledge that Pisces are the quietest sign of the zodiac.

Both the Pisces and the Sable have reserved personalities. If players are persistent enough in their greetings of Sable, she will, at some point, begin divulging more information about herself. Aquarius Are Stargazers Like Celeste

People born under the sign of the Aquarius are known to have interesting hobbies. They have a passion for odd collectibles and are always happy to discuss new craft ideas. The sign of Aquarius typically has a strong understanding of the Zodiac.

Aquarius and Celeste are both equipped with this exceptional Zodiac knowledge. A player can use the instructions provided by Celeste to create Zodiac-themed items or space-themed furniture out of star fragments. A player can even get Celeste to explain the mythology of the Zodiac to them if they show her an item related to the Zodiac.

5. They have an abundance of enthusiasm for any subject that they feel comfortable talking about.

It might be beneficial for Capricorns to establish their very own museum, similar to what Blathers has done. If a player makes a contribution to the museum, Blathers will be able to identify fossils, authenticate works of art, and even provide useful information about insects and aquatic creatures.

4. People have the impression that they are the type to catch flights rather than feelings. Sagittarius is always looking for a good time, and the world is full of exciting opportunities. Players are able to travel to different islands by riding on Wilbur's dodo plane, which is operated by Dodo Airlines. Wilbur is a dodo pilot. Wilbur takes his job as a pilot very seriously, as evidenced by the fact that he always speaks using the NATO alphabet. Because the island airport is open round-the-clock, Wilbur is always ready for the player to make their next island hop.

3. Harvey Are the Scorpios

It's common knowledge that Scorpios worry about being left out of the fun. In most cases,  are unable to decide whether they would prefer to live in the midst of everything or in the middle of nowhere.

There's a good chance that Scorpios would like Harvey's lifestyle. When the players finally meet Harvey on their island, he is amazed by the enormous growth that has taken place.

2. Libras Are Welcoming Like Brewster

Librans are known to be the friendliest and most approachable of all zodiac signs. They don't really need to put in much effort in order to win people over. They are, much like a cup of hot coffee, a welcome sight first thing in the morning. The Roost is a quaint coffee shop where adventurers can take a seat and Brewster will serve them a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. Even better, he offers a rewards system in appreciation of the player's continued business, complete with presents such as a recipe, a bag of coffee beans, and even a Brewster gyroid. Brewster is most certainly the one to pay a visit to on a daily basis. Virgos Are Detailed Like Label

Those born under the sign of the Virgin are able to appreciate the finer things in life. They won't pass up the opportunity to compliment a fantastic outfit, but buy Animal Crossing theme packs also won't be bashful about providing feedback either.

Virgos are a lot like Label Able, the oldest of the Able sisters, who is a well-known fashion designer. When a player first encounters Label, she will request that the player pose for her in a themed outfit. If the model wears an outfit that does not meet Label's standards, she will comment that she discovered something interesting about fashion and award one Tailors Ticket. Virgos Are Detailed Like Label 


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