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Real weddings are extremely inspiring! To get you in the mood to plan, we asked real brides to spill the facts from getting engaged and finding their wedding gowns to the special touches and surprising moments that made their celebrations one-of-a-kind. Real bride Shannelle and her now-husband Andrew officially tied the knot in a stunning wedding in South Carolina. Their day was full of sweet moments, sentimental touches, and a lot of laughter. Read on for more information about their sexy bohemian wedding.

A-line Illusion Neck Asymmetrical Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Sequins

I relocated from New York to Charlotte for my job and met Andrew, via a co-worker, for a blind date. He picked me up from my apartment and would be a complete gentleman! We enjoyed laughter and drinks in a bowling alley. I obviously won (is he going to see this? lol)! Soon after an excellent friendship brewed, and we have been inseparable since. I knew he was the main one when I met his family plus they welcomed me with open arms. As the saying goes “When you marry your partner, you marry his family too.”

It was Christmas eve around 7 within the morning when he chose to pop the question. I was literally half asleep, morning breath, without any idea what was going on. He kneeled on my small side of the bed and expressed his passion for me. I cried just like a baby!

I loved the feeltimes illusion detail of my wedding gown. I was beyond happy when I found this boho wedding dress!

The highlight for me personally was my father walking me down the aisle in African cloth. It reminded me of my granny who recently died in January. I kept her wedding photo nearby as I know she was there around in spirit.

Our 4-year-old son was within the limelight around the dancefloor! He displayed some moves we'd no idea he knew. It would be a real treat! I wish I would have recognized to have an additional crew available for small stuff that was missed throughout the wedding. I loved the table settings combined with the ceremony backdrop. We made both ourselves for a great price.

We selected two traditions to “seal the offer,” as they say! We incorporated a unity candle within our ceremony to acknowledge both families's uniting. This candle also symbolizes lost family members as we know that they are present in spirit. Another fun piece we opted for was, jumping the broom. From what I understand, it goes back to African roots where couples would jump the broom after exchanging vows to seal the wedding. We intend to keep the broom being an heirloom and aspire to pass it right down to our children.


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