- 5 Tips Of Marketing Strategy

In this blog we're gonna talk about five marketing methods that actually get customers for your business.

Therefore your consumer won't know what to do. Send a leaflet out that has one message that you want to deliver and make sure you print both sides to really hammer home your message. So let's just quickly go back over that. Headline, testimonial, call to action, with an offer and not too many mixed messages and make sure the headline takes precedence. Number three is Linkedin content. Linkedin has got fantastic organic reach. Now what do I mean by organic reach? This is getting stuff out on Linkedin, that you don't have to pay for the advertising. Hunting Linkedin advertising is quite expensive. If you look at some other social platforms, Facebook being the big daddy here, you used to be able to get really good natural organic reach on Facebook but now the gods of Facebook have said, well if you wanna reach our audience, you've gotta pay us some money to do so. But we wanna get to our audience for free and this video and Linkedin is a brilliant place to be.

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Especially if you're in the business to business world. So what I do is I put great good quality content on Linkedin. Videos, articles, posts and then people comment and share and then from that, doing it consistently, people ask to do business with you. It's a really smart, fantastic thing to do. Number four, please do not forget this thing, ladies and gents. Which is a thumb and a finger, but I'm talking about the phone. The phone is a great way to market people to your business. And most people are forgetting to do the phone stuff. They're using digital marketing and they're not thinking of the good old fashioned stuff. Which less and less people are doing. If you remember to begin this video I said, marketeers ruin everything. They've ruined the radio, they've ruined the TV and they did ruin the phone, because everyone was on the phone, cold calling you. Now, less people are doing that as they've moved over to digital platforms. So think about how you can get on the phone and talk to customers, especially if they're existing customers. It's a really smart thing to do to call people that have already bought from you and tell them about your other products and services. So this really is a plea to have won. You know that picking up the phone or actually going and seeing customers will get you more customers. Less and less people are doing it. This is a refresh and remind for you ladies and gents to carry on using the phone. We've had spectacular results from picking up the phone and actually talking to people. Number five, the big daddy Facebook.

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We need to carry on talking about Facebook because that's where most the eyeballs are, especially on social platforms. But as I told you in Linkedin content tip number three, it's getting harder and harder to get organic reach on Facebook but we have found a work around, a guerilla marketing technique. On Facebook there's loads and loads of Facebook community groups. So you'll have these especially in the towns that you live in. So if you live in London for example, there'll be London Families Facebook group. What we try and do is do competitions with the owners of those groups and usually they'll say yes for three days out to come to some of our attractions. This has had fantastic organic reach and actually got us more leads than paying for anything on Facebook. So you can take that idea and actually see if it'll work within your sector.


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