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My name is Sara Zargham and I’m a nurse in the children’s hospital in Orange County CA! I’m said to be getting married this October, unsure if that’s happening yet though.

With this pandemic, we’ve been called off so much from work because pediatric hospitals aren’t as crowded as adult ones. We want to have our wedding in Palm Springs but additionally want to make sure friends and family feel safe coming from the East Coast.

Princess Illusion Neck Chapel Train Tulle Wedding Dress With Embroidery

This means so much! If we choose to elope prior, with grandparents and family as time matters, a wedding dress would be absolutely an aspiration come true. I met my fiancé in a bar while attending college 4 years ago! He proposed last October in Hawaii having a size 9 RING YIKES!! He attempted to make a super surprise so he measured the back of a thumb ring during the jewelry box I never wore. Needless to say, it had been so thoughtful and that he was so precious for considering me! champagne bridesmaid dresses.

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