Air Jordan 1 Mid Metallic Red 554724-122 is Best Release this Monday

Air Jordan 1 Mid Metallic Red 554724-122 is Best Release this Monday

Latest Jordans News ,Leave some space for your shoe body, because the new Jordan 1 Mid Metallic Red has finally appeared, and all we can say is that this color scheme is definitely a bang. Michael Jordan first launched his first classic basketball shoe in collaboration with Nike in 1985. Although this sneaker is designed for hardwood courts, its silhouette is distinguished by its unparalleled cushioning performance and eternal movement. Popular street appeal AJ1 introduced low, medium and high top changes, these three still look good today as they did back then. This latest version of the work is topped with a profile at the top, and the colors are blocked in three amazing tones. The color base flaunts the crisp white leather textile, which is greeted with a naked black covering, wrapped around the toe, eyelet, collar and heel panel panel. Providing an ultra-luxury feel is that the insole of the basketball shoe is in red satin fabric, with the logo of Mead Johnson's ball and wings, supplemented in the same way as the notch in the ankle flap, most importantly, the contour is also on the sidewall Dive. The world-famous Nike full palm midsole hides the famous air cushioning technology of the sportswear giant, ensuring super comfortable wearing on and off the stadium.

New Drop Jordans is more exciting than the resurrection of an archived silhouette. Recently, the silhouette of Nike Dunk has replaced many people's rotation. The Swoosh brand has been selecting previous models one by one to reissue, including Nike Air Max 96 II White Midnight Navy. Have you seen it? Just a year after the public acquired the Air Max, AM96 made its debut in the footwear market in its original form. 95 Although it is not as popular as other famous Nike sneakers familiar to contemporary people, the Air Max 96 II is undoubtedly in There is a certain degree of publicity collectors in the long-term promotion of Nike shoes. Arranged in the main white colors, navy blue, golden yellow and a small amount of silver run through. The inner pad is made of high-quality mesh fabric, and the cover panel is made of a soft leather structure. On both sides, you will see sports stripes from heel to toe, with a mini Swoosh logo in the middle, and a much smaller logo under the eye. Nike Air Max 96 II uses a thick midsole with multiple Air cushions to create the best comfort and cushioning performance for you.

2020 Jordan Sneaker innovation has continued to develop in the past few years. The latest is the Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort Stadium Green, which is the latest interpretation of Michael Jordan's beloved Air Jordan 1 silo. Jordan 1 is made of high-quality materials. Its comfort and cushioning performance surpasses OG AJ1. It adopts the new green color of the stadium. It is a must-have choice for many sports shoes. Working on a high-end configuration that we all know and love, this latest version maintains the timeless features of Jordan 1, with ankle flaps, displaying the Mead Johnson ball and wings logo, a perforated toe box, and a full length zoom Cushion the foot of the midsole, this should be a policeman without a brain. The upper is cleverly combined with soft suede fabric, wrapped in the collar and heel panel, eye plate and fender, all of which are matched in bold green tones, and the corresponding The fabric chooses white denim style. The laces, tongue tags and sock lining of this shoe all have a distinct black tone, which is elegant and round.


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