the Prada x adidas Originals Forum Low Black

the Prada x adidas Originals Forum Low Black

The world of luxury goods, streetwear New Release Yeezy and sneakers has never been so closely linked. A lot of publicity revolves around the brand combining the two aesthetics to create coveted collaborations, such as Prada and Adidas, or the legendary Dior and Flying man Jordan. However, despite the latter's resale price soaring to astronomical new heights, the efforts of Prada and Adidas Originals have been very low-key, and until now they have not been known. The upcoming forum cooperation will combine the essence of these two brands to create the most wearable and creative combination to date. Prada’s iconic Re-Nylon is an attempt at sustainable development of ordinary nylon, which is made by recycling and purifying plastic extracted from the ocean, fishing nets, landfills, and textile fiber waste.

Kerwin Frost joked on Instagram that his next sneaker that might work with 2021 Yeezy Boost will continue his fearless design approach. The caption of this Weibo is an elf emoji, which hints at the inspiration behind this light blue shoe. The upper is covered with fluff, continuing the theme of his recently released Yeti sportswear. The laces appear to be made of soft plush fabric. The spherical Kerwin Frost rubber logo is sewn on the tongue, and the side shows rainbow-colored Adidas stripes. The smooth matte material wraps the shoes, and underneath is a white and blue sole borrowed from Adidas' Microbounce series.For the forum's cooperation, this may not be the case. Because the attention to detail spent on taking humble forums to the next level is second to none; simply put, no one would think that these are just another forum.

However, the familiar Forum Low silhouette, as the three-bar hero sports shoes in 2021 and 2022, has been increasingly introduced to the market, bringing these shoes back to reality. Hoka Shoes ,The retro styling still exists, but it seems to have improved on the above-mentioned materials. At the same time, it further pays tribute to Prada and continues to add color to this product. On the tip of the tongue is a detachable pouch, of course made of Re-Nylon. It proudly displays Prada’s iconic triangle logo on the front. There is also a brand badge inside, which can be accessed through a chrome-plated zipper that surrounds the bag. Finally, "Prada Milano" (Prada Milano) brand with rubber capital letters dotted on the tip of the tongue, and in this pair of shoes, you will find the names of these two partners side by side. The previous cooperation with Prada and Adidas, as well as this cooperation, have received comments (of our own readers): "Prada is Adidas, marked with Prada's price." 


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