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With a loud shout Yi Chi immediately grasped the sword in both hands and cut the opposite enemy in the air With a cold hum the light of Qiu Duankong's hands flashed and suddenly a golden sword appeared Holding the sword in both hands Qiu Duankong immediately cut the sword horizontally and immediately cut it on the huge blade of Yi Chi 'Bang' With a loud noise Yi Chi's huge body suddenly retreated dozens of steps before it stopped Looking at the slightly trembling hands Yi Chi immediately frowned tightly Qiu Duankong on the other hand just took a step back and stopped "That's all" he said with a smile on his face Yi Chi frowned and thought to himself "If this goes on the whole plan will be ruined by him" If Yi Chi can't hold down this guy then with his hatred for the orcs he will kill all the orcs crazily and then Yi Chi's whole plan will be in vain Thinking of this Yi Chi immediately shouted in his heart "Yi Tang think of a way quickly" Now Yi Chi can rely on that is the exchange space or instantly enhance their own strength or exchange some treasures that can defeat the enemy As soon as Yi Chi's voice fell Yi Tang over there replied "There are only two ways for you to go now First you run away directly and give up the whole orc empire" "No I Yi Chi has never suffered such a big loss" Yi Chi denied directly " "Ah" sighed Yi Tang said helplessly "Then you can only Construction Real Estate choose the second exchange the intermediate law of heaven and earth "Intermediate law celestial phenomena and earth" Yi Chi muttered to himself With these words Yi Tang passed on the information of the intermediate law of heaven and earth to Yi Chi Intermediate Dharma Celestial Phenomena and Earth Exchange The intermediate exchange of the supernatural Dharma Celestial Phenomena and Earth can only increase your body to a thousand times as much as possible After upgrading to the exchange of the advanced method of celestial phenomena and earth you can continue to increase your body and your strength will also increase The exchange needs energy points 300 million points "I actually forgot that there is such an upgrade ah" when Yi Chi saw this information immediately mercilessly a pat on the forehead said with a smile With this intermediate method of celestial phenomena Yi Chi can say with certainty that his strength will definitely rise several heights completely comparable to this demigod Thinking of this Yi Chi immediately shouted in his heart "Exchange the intermediate celestial phenomena" In a twinkling of an eye Yi Chi learned the magical power of this upgraded version and immediately shouted "Fa Tian Xiang Di" On the other side of the enemy the man on the opposite side frowned all the time after listening to his words as if he was thinking about something Just when he wanted to attack first the man suddenly shouted which immediately startled the enemy and hurriedly prepared for defense But just as he was about to meet the attack he saw a scene that he would never forget Dou Shen Relics Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen Turn Defeat into Victory! Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine turn defeat into victory! (First Watch) Standing in midair China Factory Qiu Duankong stared at the opposite Yi Chi his face full of disbelief See that originally huge devil unexpectedly once again began to grow up with the change is the momentum around his body Chou Duankong actually felt a taste of desolation and immediately looked at the heart with a hard twitch "What kind of monster is this" Looking at the body on the top of the sky Qiu Duankong suddenly said with a little fear "This pressure from the body makes Qiu Duankong very uncomfortable feeling as if he was an ant about to shake a mountain feeling so overrated" No no his body is just a little bigger and his strength must still be the same "Qiu Duankong shook his head and temporarily waved away the disordered thoughts in his mind He immediately frowned and looked at Yi Chi who had grown to a height of about three thousand meters He immediately said with hatred" Don't think that I will let you go if you become a little bigger " With these words Qiu Duankong immediately cut off a sword and a hundred-meter-long Dao Mang rushed to Yi Chi See Yi Chi smiled slightly unexpectedly stood there motionless there is no meaning to avoid "Will not be silly" Qiu Duankong muttered but the next moment Home Garden he knew why Yi Chi did not dodge only to see the huge knife awn'bang 'cut on Yi Chi's right leg immediately made Yi Chi's right leg tremble but was not hurt at all Such a result is so incredible in the eyes of Qiu Duankong If he had not used all his strength before after Yi Chi's body became bigger again he had already used his biggest attack but this knife went down the other side had nothing to do with it This result is really too strange "This is impossible this is impossible" Qiu Duankong looked at Yi Chi with red eyes and suddenly roared like crazy Hum nothing is impossible "Yi Chi lightly snorted immediately said contemptuously" Really do not know how this Qiu Duankong is to practice to the demigod level the psychological quality is so poor just a little bit of blow into a crazy state it is not a master should have the appearance No this must all be fake right You are lying to me all this is false I will be able to kill you "Qiu Duankong whispered with blood-red eyes and Yi Chi frowned tightly" Just then Qiu Duankong suddenly rushed to Yi Chi without warning and immediately cut Yi Chi's abdomen with a knife 'Ping' Like the sound of weapons Yi Chi was still not hurt but Qiu Duankong was frantically cutting up Even if it is not hurt but also pain ah "Yi Chi eyes a stare immediately a wave of his big hand directly swept the enemy out of the air was immediately thrown far away on the ground" After wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth Qiu Duankong stood up with a smile and looked at Yi Chi and said "It's true You've really become stronger It's incredible I must kill you Let's see how you do it" Said Qiu Duankong immediately roared the body instantly became bigger to about 100 meters Yi Chi is not surprised at all about this


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