When I woke up, I was the little wife of a rich old man.

When I woke up, I was the little wife of a rich old man.When I woke up, I was the little wife of a rich old man.

Wen Shao did not order wine he deeply knew that once the table on the wine Rong Zhijin will definitely drink and she drank the end of the wine is that he will suffer so Wen Shao is particularly decisive to refuse the waiter's proposal for a bottle of wine Rong Zhijin has no special interest in food as long as the taste is good he can eat it She could not understand what Wen Shao and the waiter were talking about Wen Shao was in charge of ordering and she was in charge of eating Facts have proved that Wen Shao's taste is not bad although it is a little strange to eat bread at dinner time but the taste of this Norwegian bun is not bad Rong Zhijin ate one the rest is the staple food she did not eat for a day she was really hungry most of the dishes came into her stomach After eating and drinking enough Rong Zhijin patted his round stomach with a satisfied face Wen Shao wiped his mouth gracefully "Are you full" Then go back to the hotel It's still early so why go back so quickly Besides I'm so bored in the hotel alone Can't you walk around with me just after dinner First time to this place you can't spend all your time in the hotel can you What a waste! Are you willing to see my beautiful Agriculture youth wasted in that boxy room I know you must be reluctant so let's go out for a walk and buy some souvenirs Wen Shao "" For the first time he knew that Rong Zhijin was so good at talking and it was the kind of thing that didn't leave you any room He wanted to go back and take a good bath and then sit on the bed and read instead of wandering around the street with Rong Zhijin a crazy woman at night! -2- But in the end Wen Shao accompanied Rong Zhijin to the street In order not to let them walk in the street and be noticed Wen Shao reminded her "Just take a walk Don't do anything strange I'll send you back in half an hour Remember" Rong Zhijin nodded very readily than a "OK" gesture "You can rest assured that I did not drink it is impossible to make a strange move!" Wen Shao complained silently in his heart You also know that if you drink too much you will go crazy If you know that if you drink too much you will go crazy but you still like to go out and drink with others You really need to be beaten Rong Zhijin walked in front wrapped in a denim jacket and jumped for the first time and no one knew her place she was completely open although in the country when she did not see how restrained but her little girl's happy appearance but Wen Shao saw for the first time and then Wen Shao suddenly remembered although he and Rong Zhijin have been married for two years But Rong Zhijin is now only a 22-year-old girl still very young there is a little girl's posture is too normal Then Wen Shao thought of his age He was ten years older than Rong Zhijin He was thirty-two years old this year He was the uncle in the mouth of a girl of her age Rong Zhijin Wen Shao opened his mouth and shouted to Rong Zhijin who was jumping happily in front of him Rong Zhijin turned around and looked at him with a smile on his face "What's wrong" She asked China Factory "Do you think I'm old" After the question was asked Rong Zhijin's expression was obviously stiff and then she laughed out loud Did she hear it right Wen Shao was just asking himself if he thought he was always doing such a thing Unexpectedly there was such a day that she thought a workaholic like Wen Shao would not care about such things as time nor would she feel whether she was old or young When Wen Shao saw Rong Zhijin smiling he couldn't help wondering "What are you laughing at" My question is very funny Rong Zhijin walked up to Wen Shao with his hands behind his back stared at his face left and right and then showed a big smile to Wen Shao Wen Shao did not understand what she meant Rong Zhijin sighed stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder "Although you are already thirty-two years old but the maintenance is very good completely can not see that you have this age just look at the face it is estimated that it is twenty-five or twenty-six" Wen Shao said "I'm not asking how I look I'm asking if you think I'm old" "Not old" Rong Zhijin immediately replied "just the right age ” "What do you mean just the right age" Rong Zhijin smiled and shrugged his shoulders "That's the literal meaning Your age is just right" Then Rong Zhijin turned around humming a ditty and continued to walk forward Seeing that Wen Shao was still in Food Beverage the same place he urged him to follow him quickly Wen Shao followed behind Rong Zhijin thinking about Rong Zhijin's words just the right age What does it refer to He shook his head not understanding Wen Shao sent Rong Zhijin back to the door of the hotel It was already 930 in the evening Rong Zhijin waved to him with a smile "Thank you today I will go to see you again tomorrow Remember to get ready I will probably sleep until about eleven o'clock Remember that" Wen Shao frowned "Are you going to my place tomorrow" "Of course!" Rong Zhijin said confidently "I know you here I do not go to your place where am I going" What you said is really Wen Shao I am your wife the wife you are marrying with legal effect! There is no room for you to refuse so happy to decide go ~ I wish you a good sleep tonight ~ Wen Shao "" He thought he would not be able to sleep well tonight Rong Zhijin this insatiable woman should not listen to her to accompany her to eat and walk should leave her here alone! But it's too late to regret now -3- Rong Zhijin had a good dream and slept very comfortably but she woke up 40 minutes later than expected When she opened her eyes and yawned and touched her cell phone to see the time it was already 1140 but her cell phone was quiet and there was no news She turned over and yawned and stayed in bed without any intention of getting up immediately She thought that Wen Shao had probably finished his lunch now so he might as well lie down for a while and get up later to look for him but it was the same to turn lunch into dinner Rong Zhijin stayed in bed until twelve o'clock washed slowly applied a mask then changed clothes and formally went out at one o'clock in the afternoon When he arrived at Wenshao's villa it was already half an hour later trade-global.com


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