Evil King of the Other World

Evil King of the Other WorldEvil King of the Other WorldEvil King of the Other WorldEvil King of the Other World

"Not possible, obviously, Murong Qianjun did not go to report, or, to report the news of death.". Otherwise it wouldn't be. The emperor sighed, and Fang Zhengqing's face became more ferocious. Then he disappeared and said in harmony, "It's none of your business. Go and have a rest." Said stroked the head of the dream, nihilistic eyes looking at a yellow palace cage in the dark, the emperor suddenly felt that this representative of the noble bright yellow was so dazzling, so bad. This assassination is a little weird. I can't believe it. His Majesty the Emperor pondered slightly, and the sharp edge of his eyes flashed by! Maybe it's time to wash the palace. I don't know if it will be brighter if I wash it with human blood? In the distance, the drums of war have been silent, but the atmosphere between heaven and earth is still full of wind and rain, which is extremely depressing. Hope, Jun Zhan Tian, I hope you don't make it too difficult for me. His Majesty's eyes showed a very complex emotion, which flashed away. Looking at the back of his daughter's departure, the emperor stood with his hands on his back. After pondering for a while, he suddenly said, "Shadow, go out and have a look.". Don't do anything unless it's necessary. Tell Jun Zhan Tian that his grandson is not dead. It's all right to make a scene, but don't go too far! Yeah, bring me something by the way. Yeah, Shun Shun. The old man has been holding it for years..! With that, the emperor picked up his pen and wrote a few words. He rolled them up and handed them back: "Go." A gust of wind, a seemingly tangible figure floated out, and the next moment,uns s32760 plate, the note in the emperor's hand had disappeared, and a faint shadow flew out of the palace. Although it is to let you be presumptuous once, but I also want to borrow a knife! The emperor murmured to himself, and suddenly a meaningful smile crossed his face. The emperor's majesty has always been no plan, but, this time, he is far underestimated the king of the day of the rage has come to what point! And it's too late for him to send someone now. "Come and tell me that the invincible General Dugu is coming." The emperor breathed a sigh of relief and shouted. Let's just upset the situation again. Hope, one by one, as long as people want to understand will be some convergence, do not understand, naturally there is no need to remain, or do not have the qualifications to remain. Not to let you fight, only fight out, uns s31803 sheet ,316 stainless steel plate, is the strong! But fight, also have a sense of propriety! Out of this sense of propriety, it will be beyond redemption. …… Princess Reimu said goodbye to the emperor, and it was not until she returned to her bedroom that she suddenly remembered that since she had gone to the whole assassination process, her father had kept asking all about Jun's family, all about Jun Moye, and had never asked her father, who had always loved her most, about the fact that she was the main target of the assassination! Why is that? Could it be that in the heart of his father, this suspicious assassination involved a princess and himself! There may even be big cases of other royal figures, but are they not as important as a monarch's family? Or his father, what is he avoiding? Still Princess Reimu trembled at the thought of her father's deep eyes. Fortunately, I have the protection of the night uncle, and the mysterious strong man. In her palpitation, Princess Lingmeng reached into her bosom and took out the three small and exquisite throwing knives. She played with them in her hands. The throwing knives were only half the size of her palm. The slightly curved radian was graceful and natural. They were really as thin as cicada wings. The three throwing knives were stacked together, but there was only a thin layer. Princess Reimu is very curious, such a small throwing knife, how can wield such a terrible power, can actually make a gang of murderous killers go without a fight! Throwing knife is speechless, the blade is shining with glittering and translucent light, reflecting colorful and brilliant under the light. If you only see such a throwing knife, it will only be used as something for rich children to play with. Who would have thought that it would be a deadly weapon for a peerless strong man? However, as long as this unique throwing knife appears in front of me again, I can recognize it immediately! Princess Reimu thought happily, with infinite fascination in her heart: I don't know what kind of person is this peerless strong man whom my uncle admires infinitely? …… 1 t; from am This chapter has been revised over and over again. I don't feel very satisfied. When it comes to this kind of approaching time, it may be the most difficult time for all authors to write, hehe. Although the head wants to pain, but also some sense of achievement. Is this.. Painful and happy? On the issue of renewal, please understand the brothers and sisters again!


The seventy-second chapter of the main text is Dugu Family. Solitary invincible general full of depression back home, he has been completely confused. Body in the camp outside the city after he heard the drums of war, with QinWei speed up immediately back to the city, the first time rushed to the palace waiting for his majesty summoned. He had even given orders that his own soldiers were ready for battle. If it is a rebellion, the entire capital, only the army of the solitary family can be royalist, can contend with the military group of Jun Zhan Tian! But the unusual ambiguous attitude of the emperor's majesty made the two monks of Dugu Wudi confused. Now such a serious matter, at any time may lead to changes in the state, even the palace is not impossible. But the emperor's majesty is only four words: a little calm! Then let oneself go home to find the old man, even do not let oneself go back to the barracks, also do not let oneself lead the troops to do some defensive measures-this is too strange. Dugu is invincible and dizzy. A belly depressed alone invincible back home, haven't had time to go back to their own courtyard, the first thing is to find the father alone vertical and horizontal old man, but the consequences, but let alone invincible this commander in chief of thousands of troops of the general more embarrassed to the extreme.. You are a pig! Son of a bitch! You pulled me out of bed for this shit? You unfilial son, disobedient thing,x56 line pipe, how I had to feed you such a waste snack, after going out not to claim to be Lao Tzu's son, Lao Tzu can not afford to lose this person! 。 lksteelpipe.com


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