Abandoned concubine

Abandoned concubineAbandoned concubineAbandoned concubineAbandoned concubine

Xia Jinyu also squatted down, behind Nangong Mu, "Qi Er, in fact, I don't want much, we will go back to the days when we first met.". Just a simple association, often let me see you, this is not good? Smiling on my face slowly expanded, yes, Mu Rou's new life is mine, my life without Mu Ren eldest brother, no emperor husband, why can't I live according to my own mind? Xia Jinyu likes me, I also like him, but we all know their identity boundaries, just simple spiritual communication, this is not possible? "Come on,321 stainless steel sheet, clap your hands, we will always be good friends!" Three crisp applause, three hands together, powerful hands, white and delicate hands, as well as exquisite and lovely hands, happy laughter echoed in the Prince's bedroom. The sky is very blue,x60 line pipe, the clouds are very white, the abandoned imperial concubine is also a person, or a little woman who needs to be loved. I want to live hard and swear to carry out the happy life of the abandoned concubine to the end! Chapter 57 of the main text. "Two tigers, two tigers, run fast, run fast. One has no eyes and the other has no tail. It's really strange." I hummed the song happily and beat the beat with my buttocks. The weather was unusually sultry these days, but there was a rainstorm last night. The extra coolness after the rain makes people feel much more energetic. Miss, don't move. How can I braid my hair like this? Vanilla pressed my body and let me sit on the stool obediently. The movement of my hands kept fixing the hair in front of my forehead to the top of my head, and the hair in the back of my head was braided. With a plain face, but also specially painted the delicate eyebrows thick, changed into a dark blue coarse cloth clothes, a handsome and handsome man is invincible in the world. (The following more than 100 words of synonymous praise are omitted.) The beautiful man is fresh. Putting on a small round hat and looking at myself in the mirror, uns c70600 ,x56 line pipe, I asked Vanilla triumphantly, "Am I so handsome and handsome that I can overwhelm the hearts of many young girls?" Vanilla rolled her eyes to the sky, and I put my hands together and bowed to her. "Miss Grass, it's polite to be born late." I deliberately lowered my voice to imitate the way a man spoke, and with the original feminine voice, it sounded like Xiaoquanzi-the Drake voice of a eunuch. I specially asked Xiaoquanzi to help me find out this dress, and let Dangui wash it twice, lift the sleeve and smell it, Mamma, what is the smell? "Miss, I think we'd better forget it." After helping me pack up, I asked Vanilla to change into the same clothes as me. She hesitated and continued to try to stop my next move. I shook my head and remembered the purpose of this trip, which was far-reaching and had a long way to go, and I definitely deepened my determination to put it into action. Yesterday, I went to the Prince's East Palace for a meal. After the meal, I was enjoying a delicious summer treat-smoothie. In other words, this smoothie is my masterpiece. The raw material provided by Nangong Mu is to dissolve the ice cubes slightly and then add the fruit cut into small pieces and sugar to stir together. Delicious and thirst-quenching, life is the most wonderful enjoyment. However, Nangong Mu that guy is actually stingy to death, absolutely burning bridges across the river. He ate happily himself, but he forbade me to take the rest of the ice back to Chen yuan to cook for them. Sister Qi. You can come here if you want to eat. You can even take it back to Chenyuan when it's ready. Don't worry. I'll give you unlimited ice and fresh fruit. Hum. If I ask you to take the ice back. What would you give to Vanilla Dangui, Mammy Liu Xiaoquanzi. Will I still have my share? You really know my mind. Hate so much that your teeth itch. But there is no way. I can only come to eat at noon every day to relieve the heat. I'm already a regular visitor to the East Palace. And the underground people here either received the benefits of Xia Jinyu or were afraid of the threat of Nangong pasture. They all regard me as nothing. Let me be like a crab in the Rising Sun Palace, and no one will pay attention to me. Several times when I broke into the inner room, Xiao Nangong was changing clothes. It made me drool all over the floor on the spot. Little Zhengtai is a little devil. He's in pretty good shape. And he has all the organs he should have. Ten years later, he will definitely be the best man. Later. Nangong Mu will tie the door and change clothes. My eyes have no chance to eat ice cream. So I changed my strategy and asked a Yi about the time of his bathing place. It's just this guy, Yi. His mouth was as tight as a clam shell. I'm still working hard. A bowl of smoothie is finished. There was no one in the hall. Every time I come here, Xiao Nangong will hold back. Just now he himself was pulled into the inner room by a Yi to bite his ear. Nuo Dadi's house is beautiful and magnificent. Only. It's too big. There is no feeling of popularity. I approached the inner room softly. I just heard Ah Yi talking to Nangong Mu. They seem to be planning. Go out of the palace to find Xia Jinyu tomorrow. Out of the palace? Such words shocked my heart and lungs magnificently. Going out of the palace to play is the most attractive thing for me at present. It has been several months since I came to Nan'anguo. My humble abode in Chenyuan is closed to death. Now I can often go to the Rising Sun Palace to breathe. However, the heart is always not so easy to satisfy, every day to drink white porridge, then pickles, and now want to eat rice. I am a woman, can not eat meat for three months, how can I endure the life of not shopping for three months? I miss the crowded crowds and noisy cries in the pedestrian street, and the bargaining skills will be retrogressive if they are not practiced for a long time. Sister Qi, come in and listen to the corner. It's not what a gentleman does. Nangong Mu's voice came from the inner room. They are all people who practice martial arts. No matter how light my steps are, there will still be a noise. It seems that their words are deliberately heard by me. Then, I go in gracefully, tell him gracefully: "I never am a gentleman, I am a woman." The inner room is Nangong Mu's bedroom. The boy's room is not divided into inner and outer rooms by a screen. The whole room looks very spacious. It's as big as seven of my bedrooms,x52 line pipe, more than 100 square meters. Not to mention sleeping, it's not too small for you to roll around in it. You can also have a bedtime exercise, running around the room a few times a day can be regarded as running 800 meters. Nangong Mu pulled me to sit down and told me with a smile that he planned to visit Shifu and his beautiful cousin and investigate the people's feelings by the way. lksteelpipe.com


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