Wang Miaoyi (NP)

Wang Miaoyi (NP)Wang Miaoyi (NP)Wang Miaoyi (NP)Wang Miaoyi (NP)

I smiled with satisfaction, "You want Naruto's heart is actually very simple, Naruto is so simple, although there is a shadow memory, but after all, there are not many people in practice, so you can give Naruto's thoughts to instill some ideas that are beneficial to you, and Naruto has not been loved by anyone, you can give him more love, I will be yours sooner or later like Naruto." "Is that all right? Are you sure? Is that all I have to do?" Sasuke asked again, unsure. Yeah, it's as simple as that. You're still young. Are you brewing feelings now? Let Naruto have dependence and affection for you, and you can do anything in the future, right? "I stared at Sasuke, but I didn't believe me.". Sasuke finally thought about it and left with a hum. Bai said helplessly, "Miss, can you do this?"? They're all men. "Jun, what do you think?" I looked up at Jun, who was a little shy. This, I do not have any opinion, as long as they like it,Planetary Gear Motor, love is divided into men and women. I was surprised to look at Jun, did not expect Jun to be so open-minded, I always thought it would be white more open-minded, now it seems that I still look down on Jun. Yes, love is not divided into men and women, how good the society is now. "My words are not aimed at Jun, but to tell myself." I suddenly felt someone coming, did not get up,small geared motors, Bai and Jun also felt, to get up was stopped by me, because I know who it is. Little love, you come to drink some tea first. "I conveniently handed my cup of tea that had not been touched to little love.". I didn't feel the sulk of loving Luo at all. I love Luo walked straight down in front of me, staring at a word, but did not speak, let me feel very strange, but the next action, I want to laugh a little. I love Luo pulled my body to his body and let my head rest on his lap. Jun and Bai looked at each other and went out with tacit understanding. They left the living room to me and I love Luo. I didn't speak until there was no one else. No one is allowed to touch you in the future. Why don't you wait for me to come back first? "I love Luo's voice may not be heard by others, but I can hear that I love Luo is angry now.". I smiled and let my face go up. I looked at my love Luo's face from bottom to top. It was very white, very cute, and I liked it very much. I just couldn't get angry with my love Luo. But he was really a little overbearing. If he went up with the glaze in the future, it would be great. It seems that we must have a good education now. It is my principle to think of doing one. Xiaoai, what's wrong with you? Bai and Xiaojun are not outsiders. You and they are also jealous. I have been taken care of by them since a long time ago. I don't like men who care too much. "I have also emphasized the word" man ". I love Luo's cleverness and can understand what I am talking about. After I finished speaking, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, I loved Luo's silence for a few minutes, and it seemed that he was thinking about my words. I didn't say anything, but waited quietly for my love to answer. Finally, after a cup of tea, I love Luo to speak. Miaomiao, I won't be like this in the future, as long as you don't leave me, even if there are other people around you. I love Luo's voice like a big decision, a little heavy. I pulled down my love Luo's head and kissed him on his face, but I didn't expect to get a long kiss, so I acquiesced, just as a seat compensation, now give me more love, I don't know if I can divide it fairly in the future. Good things are always to be destroyed, this is not just gone Sasuke, Naruto came again. For I love Luo who disturbed the good thing, his face was smelly, but fortunately he didn't vent it. I looked at Naruto with a confused face. I didn't know what made Naruto have such an expression, so I asked, "Naruto, what's wrong with you? You look like you're out of your mind.". Only then did Naruto look up and see my love beside me. Instead of paying attention to my love, he came to my side and put his arms around my waist for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, "Sister, do you think I am very strange?" Naruto suddenly said such a sentence, which made people confused. I love Luo's face has begun to turn green, if I don't drag it, I guess I love Luo will start, ask him with his eyes, 'You just promised me, how can you forget so quickly?'. In return, I love Luo to turn his head in a direction. What happened to Naruto? Say it quickly. "I'm afraid I can't help it. I can only pull Naruto out of my arms and look at Naruto's obedient face and ask." Second sister, I like Xiao Ying, I like Xiao Ying. Yes, didn't you say that? What's the matter? "That, that, just now I met Sasuke in the street, carelessly, carelessly." Just. Just.. Naruto's hesitant book is not clear, which makes me very anxious as a listener. What? What's wrong? Come on, I'll help Naruto whatever happens. Just now in the street, Sasuke suddenly went mouth to mouth, and then my heart kept pounding. Don't people often say that only when you are with the person you like, your heart will keep pounding? But, but why did my heart pound when Sasuke kissed me? Sister, am I really a monster? Naruto's eyes grew dimmer. I was happy when I heard it, but I didn't show it. I didn't expect Sasuke to be so fast, but it seemed a little too fast. It scared Naruto. It seems that I will go to talk to Sasuke later. I'm still waiting to see what they look like together. If they can't be together,gear reduction motor, I won't be able to see them. Naruto, I think that must be a misunderstanding. It's a good thing that your heart beats when you meet Sasuke. I'll ask Sasuke later. You go back first. When I ask Sasuke, I'll tell you. I can only coax Naruto back now. I'll find Sasuke to ask and answer Naruto's words later.


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