Blood drop magic knife

Blood drop magic knifeBlood drop magic knifeBlood drop magic knifeBlood drop magic knife

As soon as the wrist was raised, the swallow flew up, and with a flash of black light, it shot into the trunk of a nearby tree, and the sharp blade was completely lost in the trunk. Li Lingfeng withdrew his eyes from the swallow and said, "Girl, this is.." "Don't worry about it," said the Black Phoenix. "No matter what happens, I'll deal with it." Li Lingfeng cast his eyes on the steel swallow on the tree trunk and said, "I'm afraid this is a hidden weapon." "It's both a hidden weapon and a watch," said the Black Phoenix. Li Lingfeng said, "This kind of hidden weapon is rare. I'm afraid the owner of this hidden weapon is also an extraordinary and strange person." The Black Phoenix smiled coldly and said, "It's a bit strange to say that he is strange. I'm afraid it's a compliment to say that he is extraordinary." Li Lingfeng started to speak, wanted to speak and stopped, and finally did not ask any more, he secretly searched for memory, but temporarily could not remember which character the owner of the hidden weapon was. The Black Phoenix added, "It's not easy to find such a comfortable place to have a rest, but his ghost is still there. It's disappointing to stir up such a broken piece of steel and iron." "That's strange," said Old Liu. The Black Phoenix said coldly, "Don't care about him. Let's rest. Let him come. I'm waiting for him." Lao Liu promised and did not speak again. The black phoenix turned to look at Li Lingfeng. When she looked at Li Lingfeng, the spring breeze on her dimple thawed and she smiled sweetly. I don't know where the frosty coldness had gone. The sharp light in her beautiful eyes disappeared. Suddenly, her eyes became so gentle. She said, "Let's find a place to sit down and have a rest." Li Lingfeng nodded and agreed, sitting on the grass beside the car leaning against the tree, talking about everything, but not mentioning the matter of the blunt steel swallow just now. The black phoenix laughed like a pearl, like a person who had nothing to do, as if he had not seen the swallow. Who is Li Lingfeng? No matter how powerful he is, he has seen all the people. No matter how big the storm is, he will not take a swallow seriously. People talk more and have more contact with each other. Once they talk more and have more contact with each other, the understanding between them will be improved. Li Lingfeng found that the ladle handle, who commanded the wild tigers and wolves, was an out-and-out good girl. The fierce and unruly black phoenix also had her daughter's unique gentle side,liquid bottle filling machine, but her gentle side was particularly touching. Having discovered this, Li Lingfeng also remembered Lu Yanqiu, Tan Zhixian, and Begonia. The girls he met one after another were all very nice, and in this respect, God was very kind to him, but in the future there would be a few more sad people in the world. The Black Phoenix is not in a hurry. The child was taken care of, and Li Lingfeng was not so anxious. So the rest came to the west of the sun. The evening fog was still shining, and it was cool. The three of them got on the bus again, and now it was much more refreshing in the car. The child also woke up, and Mrs. Liu held him in her arms, waving her little hands and babbling, adding a lively and infinite fun to the car. No matter how hard and tired Li Lingfeng was, it was worth it. But behind the surface of relief, there is a sharp pain. After a long time in the evening, I could not walk for a long time. I stayed there before it was too late. The cock crows early to see the sky. Before long, it was already dark, and a small village was sitting in front of me. "I think we should rest here tonight, juice filling machine ,liquid bottle filling machine," said the Black Phoenix. Li Lingfeng nodded and said, "It's up to you, girl." Not long after the carriage entered the village, there was a voice in front of it saying, "Excuse me, are you Master Liu?" The carriage suddenly stopped. Old Liu answered from the shaft, "Yes, you are.." The man under the bus laughed and said, "I'm from the'Ju'an Inn '. I've been waiting for the bus here for a long time. Why did you arrive at this time? The front rooms are all ready. Please hurry up." "How to say, you are." Hearing this, the Black Phoenix raised her eyebrows and immediately said, "Old Liu, go with him." Old Liu promised, and the carriage galloped forward. As soon as Li Lingfeng heard this, he knew that it must have something to do with the swallow. Look at the black phoenix. The black phoenix did not speak, so he set up what to say. Not a little while time, carriage stopped again, listen to old Liu only: "Girl, arrived, get off please." Black phoenix lifted the hood and jumped down, Li Lingfeng also followed the car, only to see the car parked in front of a not small inn, the sign hanging at the door is Ju'an Inn. A middle-aged man dressed as a waiter was standing beside the bus. He was now bowing to the black phoenix with a smile. "Don't worry, girl," he said. "The inn is the best one here." "Is there a place to put the car?" Asked the Black Phoenix. "Yes, yes," said the waiter. "There's a big yard in the back." "That's all right," said the Black Phoenix. "Take us in first, and then take the car to the back." The Black Phoenix called Mrs. Liu and followed Li Lingfeng into the inn with the waiter, while Lao Liu stayed to see the car. Indeed, this inn is not small, two into the courtyard, there is a large courtyard behind the parking of horses and carriages, in this small village, it is really the largest inn. The "friend" booked the upper room for the Black Phoenix as soon as he entered the backyard. As soon as he entered the backyard, the waiter took Li Lingfeng, the Black Phoenix, and Mrs. Liu, who was holding the child, to the two upper rooms due north. He opened the door, went into the room, let the guest sit down, and hurriedly brought the tea again. This was the matter for the waiter. He bowed and smiled all over his face. "Girl," he said, "will dinner be served in the room or in the front?" The storefront in front of this inn has a restaurant. "You go and help drive the car in first," said the Black Phoenix. "How about dinner? I'll take care of you later." The man answered respectfully and left. The black phoenix took a sip from the teacup and put it on the table again with a bang. Obviously, there is something unhappy in the heart of the Black Phoenix. "" Miss, "said Mrs. Liu hesitatingly," you don't have to be so angry with him. The black phoenix did not answer, and Mrs. Liu did not speak again, but went to take care of the child. Li Lingfeng sat aside and heard clearly, "Who is he? Who is he?" He wanted to find out what was going on, but he did not ask, and the Black Phoenix did not say, and the room fell into an uneasy silence. Li Lingfeng can be calm,Beverage packing machine, because this is not his business, the parties do not want to say, he naturally inconvenient to ask.


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