Dressed as White Moonlight's Sister Queen [wear book]

Dressed as White Moonlight's Sister Queen [wear book]Dressed as White Moonlight's Sister Queen [wear book]

Thin raised a deep breath, Sincere eyes looking at the grain, "Ning total, Before I want to formally apologize to you, I was too impulsive, Did a lot of silly things, Also hurt you." Think of grain after leaving that a few months, The reputation of cutting-edge technology destroyed, Capital chain rupture, Thin raised don't know how to get through. "I dare not expect to be able to Only hope that everyone can expose the past, of course, if Miss Ning has a useful place for Bo Mou, Bo Mou will try his best. Bo Yang never thought that Ning Li would forgive him, but he didn't want to make a feud with Ning Li because of the past. Before, he was a little silly. He refused to take a ready-made shortcut and had a hard time with himself. He suffered for more than 20 years. Now think back, also thanks to his brains and perseverance, if the congenital aptitude is not good, and twist the temper with the thin cloud against the dry, I am afraid this life will be submerged in the bottom. Having tasted the sweetness of taking shortcuts, Bo Yang would never live the same life as before. He thought that Bo Yun's identity as a private/child would make him unable to raise his head in front of people, but he really bowed his head to Bo Yun. After getting his recognition, no one dared to show a little bit of disdain in front of him. Even those investors who needed him to see him again and again saw him. "Bo Shao" and "Xiao Bo Zong" will be called one by one, not to mention how attentive they are. People's desire is endless, got the recognition of Bo Yun,bottle blowing machine, got the shares of Gan Xi, became the vice president of Gan Xi, Bo Yang wanted more. Even though outsiders envy him for having a rich and powerful father, in the eyes of Bo Yan and Mrs. Bo, he is still a bastard who destroys their family's happiness. Bo Yang began to feel unwilling, he was not willing to stand at the foot of Bo Yan, when what "two less", he wanted more. But his strength is far from enough. He needs the support of others. And Ning Li,CSD filling line, Bo Yang sipped the wine in the cup, he felt that they could cooperate, as for the future, when he knocked down Bo Yan, who cares what will happen to her in the future? Ning Li would not foolishly misunderstand Bo Yang's sudden "goodwill". She smiled softly and stood up. "I'm tired. Go first. If Mr. Bo has the sincerity to catch up with me, we'll meet again." When Ning Jie heard Ning Li calling her, she immediately ran over. She glared at Bo Yang, who was following Ning Li. "Stay away from my sister, or I'll be rude to you!" Bo Yang's expression stagnated. "Miss Ning misunderstood. General Manager Ning is leaving. I'll see her off." …… When Bo Yang returned to the hall, he heard someone whispering, "Of course, Xiao Bo is always positive. There is Ning's eldest lady. Ning is also a powerful company in the United States. If Xiao Bo always marries Ning's daughter, and Da Bo always marries his female assistant, Hee Hee.." "You can rest assured that Da Bo is not stupid, and the Ning family is not stupid either. They have a lot of money. Even if they marry Gan Xi, they will pick Da Bo. Look at that female assistant today. Tut, they are all anxious." "Rich and powerful family grudges, water filling machine ,water bottling line, rich and powerful family grudges." Bo Yang bit his back teeth and pretended not to hear what those people were saying. He looked through the crowd at Ning Jiao, who was standing with Bo Yan. No one knew that he also loved that woman, and no one knew that all he was doing now was hoping that one day she would stand beside him and hold his hand. Looking at the Ning Jiao holding, high-spirited Bo Yan, Bo Yang suddenly felt very sad. If there is only one thing, everyone acquiesces that it must belong to Bo Yan, just like Ning Jiao, obviously people think she is a woman who wants to fly to the branches, but as long as there is Bo Yan, everyone will take it for granted that Ning Jiao is going to climb Bo Yan. As long as there is Bo Yan, nothing will take his turn. "What are you going to do, sister?" Ning Jie got into the car angrily and kicked the high-heeled shoes on his feet directly. "That woman's face is too thick. No, I can't swallow it!" She wants to ask someone to post a skin-picking post on the Internet. Ning Li looked calm, "Ning first came to China, the market has not been opened, there are many things to do in the future, now is not the time to make enemies, Ning Jiao is fighting this.". ” "But she also has her scruples," Ning Li handed the phone to Ning Jie, above is a few pictures of Lin Ruohan, "I call people have been staring at Lin Ruohan!" Ning Jie looked at Lin Ruohan, who looked very good in the photo and was dressed as a rich wife. "I forgot about this woman. It seems that she has a good life. Who is the man beside her?" Ning grain back mobile phone, Lin Ruohan and Ning Jiao live in Bo Yan "lend" to them in the house, three servants and a driver at home, every day is shopping and playing cards to do beauty, Lin Ruohan even met his second spring, a rich widowed rich businessman, rich businessman to Lin Ruo Han a sincere, want to marry her home, but because Ning Jiao does not agree, Lin Ruohan had to keep a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with him, but she now spent more than half of her time living with the wealthy businessman. After listening to Ning Li's introduction, Ning Jie laughed, "Oh, this mother and daughter, cow X!"! I tell you, is my mother beautiful? Billionaire woman, still single now ~ Ning Li also knows the situation of Bian Lan, she is financially free, and beautiful as she is in her thirties, but her temper is there, and she has been staying at home as a rich wife all these years, and she doesn't know how to deal with men at all. Ning Jie can't bear to look at it, and even has the cheek to introduce a few good people to her mother, but Bian Lan only drank tea with people twice. I won't contact you again. Asked the reason, Bian Lan said that she was old and had so much money in her hands. She didn't believe that those men loved her. What if they wanted money? Ning Jie advised several times, Bian Lan is not willing, she also no longer advised, can not force the mother to fall in love, right? If my mother had half the skill of others, Tut! "There's nothing to envy. Aunt doesn't have anything else to do if she's not in love. Didn't she win a prize for her flower arrangement?" Bian Lan has his own life, the most important thing is that there are several lifetimes to spend money,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, this is how many women can not get the day, men, it is not necessary. gzxilinear.com


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