We're like wild animals

We're like wild animalsWe're like wild animalsWe're like wild animalsWe're like wild animals

In summer, Li Guoqing came home one day and felt stuffy at home, so he took off his shirt. His mother looked at his arms and shoulders with horror. His arms and shoulders were covered with a series of teeth marks, some of which had obviously been bitten and healed, and some of which had faded with new red teeth marks. The mother understood at a glance and immediately said in a shrill voice, "Tiger, she is a female tiger.". Li Guoqing was stunned and immediately realized that he had made a mistake-he shouldn't have taken off his shirt. Li Guoqing's mother walked up to Li Guoqing and looked carefully at the wound on her son's shoulder that had been bitten by the small guest's fine teeth, and tears fell down. The mother whined and cried, "Mom hasn't hit you since you were in the third grade of primary school. She hasn't even pinched you heavily.". The woman you like is really cruel to bite you like this. Listen to mom. Break up with her. Mom will introduce a good one to you. When Li Guoqing saw his mother crying, he did not dare to object. Mother continued: "Our school assigned a music teacher last year, I asked her yesterday, she is a pig, born in 1971, five years younger than you.". The girl is very beautiful. Li Guoqing interrupted his mother and said, "What does that have to do with me?"? Mother said: "Her surname is Gao,Granite Slab Supplier, I asked her, asked her if she had a partner, she said yes, blown.". "Don't tell me this," said Li Guoqing irritably. "It has nothing to do with me. Mother is angry. Why are you so stubborn? That woman, you,Carrara Marble Slab, do you understand? You have to be killed by her to feel better, don't you? Li Guoqing put on his shirt and left without eating, because he really couldn't stand his mother's nagging. He went out into a wood, where there was a stone bench, and he sat on it for hours. He thought he was almost twenty-eight years old, and it had been five years since he graduated from the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, but he still had no achievements, no money, no house, and no progress in his career. When he was in college, he thought that the world was his own, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Marble Granite Price, and that once he stepped out of the door of college, he would make great achievements, but he was wrong. The world is as cruel as a pile of shit, and it won't give you what you want to do. He was kind of disheartened or something. At nine o'clock, the knocking machine rang, and the little guest knocked on him. He smiled merrily at the thought of the little gentleman's full breasts. When he walked into Xiaotang Hakka, Xiaotang Hakka was wearing very revealing clothes and smoking sexily at home while watching Category III movies. The little guest saw his first words and asked, "Why don't you go back to the airport?"? As soon as Li Guoqing saw that the small guest was dressed in such a revealing way, he was elated and immediately recited a poem: a few plum blossoms in the corner/Ling Han opens alone/Knowing from afar that it is not snow/Only the faint fragrance comes. "Which poem is it again?" Asked the little guest? He replied, "Wang Anshi was a turtle. During the Northern Song Dynasty, he was a prime minister.". The little guest said, "You have a lot of knowledge.". Li Guoqing smiled and said that I had a quarrel with my mother and father. The little guest stared at him who was very knowledgeable and asked, "Why did you quarrel with your mother and father?"? He said, "It's hot today. When I came home, I accidentally took off my shirt. My mother and father saw the teeth marks on my shoulders and arms bitten by you." Without waiting for him to finish, the little guest burst into laughter and looked at him with a pair of charming eyes. Your mother loved you very much, didn't she? All right, I won't bite you anymore. Li Guoqing says: "You are other good, only defect is to like to bite a person when making love.". The little guest put out the white sand smoke in his hand, got up, kissed him on the face, and bit his nose by the way. Li Guoqing jumped up in fright and shouted, "Don't bite my face.". The little guest relaxed and giggled, just to bite your face. Li Guoqing said: "If my mother and father see you still smoking, then she will think your quality is not good.". "If I go to your house, I will control myself not to smoke," said the little guest. Two people said angry words, Li Guoqing went into the bathroom to take a bath, when he took a bath, the small hall guest pushed open the door, looked at him to take a bath, while giggling. Li Guoqing dragged her under the hot water showerhead, and the flesh-colored silk underwear on the small guest's body was immediately wet. Li Guoqing immediately tampered with Wang Anshi's poem, saying: a plum blossom in the corner will bloom when it is drenched with water. "You hate it," said the little guest. With these words,Artificial Marble Slabs, she took off her clothes and let the hot water from the lotus pod hit her beautiful breasts directly. Li Guoqing felt that her breasts were so beautiful that he hugged her excitedly, lowered his head and ate her breasts. The little guest was so excited under the impact of the hot water that he hugged his neck and stuck his body to it. National Day, I love you so much. Said the little guest in a sweet voice. forustone.com


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