Fierce Ghost Shelter System

Fierce Ghost Shelter SystemFierce Ghost Shelter SystemFierce Ghost Shelter SystemFierce Ghost Shelter System

Xu Facheng's image, in the hearts of the people, has been unattainable. Even though Maoshan is declining, Xu Facheng's strength makes people feel far behind. Xu Facheng slanted his eyebrows and looked at Qin Kun, the disciples of the Southern and Northern Schools, the thunder dust and the red makeup of Qi. There is nothing to be afraid of in a pool of dragons and a den of tigers. After a pause, Xu Facheng added, "I don't believe you. Fu Yushan is the black dog in charge. He dares to collude with the temple to harm us." Suddenly, Xu Facheng's robe was flying and his figure was blurred. Clear again, unexpectedly became a white hair, white clothes, white eyebrows, white face, white lips of the ghost! The ghost was tall, nearly 1.9 meters, with thick eyes like ink, two swords on his back and white hair flying. Tai Yi. Jiulian!!! The cry of surprise exploded in the crowd. The disciples of Jiudi suddenly saw the legendary Taoism, which was unbelievable. The most shocking thing is the thunder dust who has never seen such Taoism. Next to the thunder dust, the car soldier was shocked and said, "Sir, what is that?!" Not only the thunder dust, but also the car soldier has been shocked to the extreme. Xu Facheng fierce ghost, lightly looking at Qin Kun, suddenly, Qin Kun mouth a pick, his figure has become blurred. A group of dark shadows appeared, once again solidified, Qin Kun's stature rose sharply, on his head, two horns fought for the sky, the sound of cattle roared through the mountains, iron hooves stepped on the ground, the ground shook. All over the chain, the bull's eyes are red, Qin Kun's height, even taller than Xu Facheng, the white ghost opposite, a huge dark bull demon, the bull's eyes staring at each other coldly. Tai Yi. Taiyi Jiulian?! Same Taiyi Jiulian?!!!! A group of disciples of the Way of Life and Death saw the legendary Taoism again and almost lost control of their emotions. What is this? How did this happen?! Has long been cut off the inheritance of Taoism suddenly appeared, or two, how can people believe? How can you believe it?! I.. I'm not dreaming. Zhao Feng of Yulong Mountain rubbed his eyes, and Mo Wuji rubbed his eyes. The two eyeballs of the Buddha Sea of Luan Chan Temple turned faster. The two eyeballs looked at Qin Kun and Xu Facheng in two directions. For a moment, the crazy monk was at a loss for words. Beside the thunder dust, the car soldier rubbed his temple: "Sir, did I not sleep well and see these things that I shouldn't have seen..." Thunder dust also can not answer, he found for the first time, Qin Kun some strange. The bull demon's blood-red eyes stared at the white ghost opposite, and the deep voice in his throat echoed around like thunder. Xu Facheng, are you demonstrating with me? …… Chapter three hundred and eighteen, snow floor impermanence Xie Xu Facheng looked at Qin Kun, and Qin Kun looked at Xu Facheng. Confronting the two, Qin Kun opened his mouth first. Is it very powerful to borrow the power of ghosts and gods? Taoist Xu, I have invited you here today to give you something. Too sensitive, not Maoshan style. Qin Kun returned to his original state, and Niu Meng stood beside him. Some is the black rock city barbarian demon, temperature screening kiosk , punishes the evil department to break the skull prison cow to be fierce. Niu Meng announced himself, obviously, for the opposite of the white impermanence is very important. Xu Facheng also returned to his original state, and the white impermanence stood beside him, with long and thin eyes and a mild accent: "Xie Shi, the impermanence of Xuelou, thanks to Zichi." Wang Gan's eyes saw that Bai Changmian's waist was tied with a jade belt with a ghost's head. On both sides of the ghost's head, there were two words written on it, which were exactly the same as the token on Niu Meng's waist. "Sister Chu, the ghost of Maoshan seems to be bigger than Qin Kun's." Wang Gan found that in terms of ferocity, Niu Meng had the same momentum, but in terms of temperament, Bai Changmian was like an aristocrat, and Niu Meng could not be compared with him. Chu Qianxun nodded, who would have thought that Xu Facheng still had a ghost job, and the background was so big? Confrontation of two people, the people of nine places were stunned, and the people of Nanzong and Beizong were also stunned. Everyone thought that Xu Facheng was superior and crushed Qin Kun at will, but who would have thought that Qin Kun did not seem to have fallen behind. No more clamoring? Don't clamor to get on the bus, I put up with you once, don't give face! Qin Kun's eyes swept over the group of people who had just questioned, and for the first time the people who had been swept felt that this young man, whose appearance was not surprising, had such sharp eyes. Qin Kun on the military vehicle, Wang Gan, Chu Qianxun, Ying Fengyao, Qi Hongzhuang followed up, Han Biao drove the body also followed up. Several people in Yulong Mountain looked at each other and looked at Xu Facheng. Xu Facheng's face was uncertain, and he was ashamed of his face, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, but suddenly, he saw Qin Kun's ghost, which reminded him of what his master had said. The master said that the black dog in charge of Fuyu Mountain had many secrets of Taoism, and described it as "mysterious as a God". Come on, let's go and see what he's up to. Xu Facheng made a decision to take the lead in getting on the bus. Xishan Experimental Base is located in Sanfen Mountain, which is foggy and appears from time to time. When Qin Kun came to Xishan Experimental Base again, it was already 3 P. m. Blind doctor Huang Kecheng, with his eye student, has been waiting for a long time. Mr. Qin, long time no see. Huang Kecheng was blind, but his vision was normal. Qin Kun said, "Dr. Huang, I haven't seen you for a long time." Dr. Huang turned his head, slightly stunned: "Xishan Experimental Base, I haven't seen so many elites for a long time." He walked up to Han Biao and said with a smile, "a disciple of Ning Buwei?" Han Biao is stupefied, how can he also think of, this blind person knows his division origin unexpectedly? Isn't that amazing? "I've seen the old doctor, Han Biao." Dr. Huang turned his head again and looked at Chai Ziyue. "I saw Chai Qingrong in prison. What's your relationship with her?" Chai Ziyue frowned. "Have you seen my aunt?" Chai Ziyue's father is the nephew of Chai Qingrong, the head of the Zhong family, who is the same generation as Ma Xiaohua. Chai Ziyue learned from Ma Xiaohua, the contemporary head of the family. These are all nepotism. Dr. Huang nodded, "Of course I have, but she has gone astray.". Does this have anything to do with Zuo Xuanru? Dr. Huang looked at Cui Honghu. Cui Honghu was suspicious. As the disciple of the'Xuanru 'Zuo Jinchen, he naturally had something to do with it. However, how did the blind man know? Dr. Huang smiled with a natural expression: "The white bone nun, the crazy novice monk, the little Tai Sui, and the ghost painted skin, they are very neat.". And The Maoshan family also came. 。


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