Super Soldier King

Super Soldier KingSuper Soldier KingSuper Soldier KingSuper Soldier KingSuper Soldier King

Ye Qian is naturally very clear what is the reason for Jiwen to do so, he has come out of the mountains, to re-rectify the underground world of China, so Jiwen wants to help himself, to rectify the northeast side. After all, Jiwen was once a famous figure on the Northeast Road, and then followed Ye Qian to live in seclusion on Happy Island, and all the industries were handed over to her subordinates to manage. Now that such a thing has happened, Ye Qian is naturally a little anxious, but fortunately, the seven kills are in the northeast, with Lin Feng's brothers, Jiwen should not have anything to do for the time being. There is no time to greet Lin Feng, said a few words after hanging up the phone. Although there are seven people to kill, Jiwen will not be in any danger, but Ye Qian is still not at ease, in case there is a mistake, it is not too late to regret? In fact, Ye Qian knew Jiwen's character, so he told her to stay on Happy Island to take care of Lin Rourou immediately. After all, Lin Rourou was pregnant and still needed someone to take care of her. However, I didn't expect the girl to come back. Seeing Ye Qian's dignified expression, Ye Hetu asked hurriedly, "Boss, what happened?"? Does it matter? "Something happened in the northeast,facial recognition thermometer, and I had to get there as soon as possible." Ye Qian said, "Hetu, if water and Sisi are here, please take care of them. I will come back immediately after the matter is settled. If there is anything urgent, call me. You can do it freely. If there is anything, contact me and I will help you solve it." Nodding heavily, Ye Hetu said, "Then I'll take you to the airport.". You can rest assured that I will deal with things here. As he spoke, Ye Hetu stood up,thermal imaging camera, not daring to neglect for a moment. Just now Ye Qian's telephone call he heard, certainly has the very important matter, naturally did not dare to neglect. Straight to the parking lot, Ye Hetu took the car, personally sent Ye Qian to the airport, to buy today's ticket to heb city. Ye Qian also did not say anything more, all the way is constantly making phone calls, let Huangfu Qingtian there also help to stare at a little thing in the northeast side, what news the first time to contact themselves. The woman, is always Ye Qian's inverse scale, that is absolutely cannot offend. At this time of Ye Qian, the body is full of fierce murderous look, walking in the waiting hall, those tourists can clearly feel the cold of Ye Qian, involuntarily dare not approach him. Anger for beauty, this kind of thing has happened countless times in China since ancient times. Women are always a very important inverse scale of many men, which can not be touched. Ye Qian also has some such paranoia, saying that he is a male chauvinist or something else. In short, smart interactive whiteboard ,outdoor digital signage displays, in Ye Qian's heart, as a man, he should protect his woman. Therefore, he will never allow his woman to have any man-made emergencies. Ye Hetu handled all the relevant formalities for Ye Qian and sent Ye Qian to the boarding hall. Southwest, Tangmen in Sichuan! Since the last incident, Tangmen has been more low-key than before, and almost all of its energy has been focused on business operations. Tangmen's pharmaceutical companies have also begun to operate in large quantities, constantly absorbing funds to expand their scale. Tang Jingnan old, do not want to have the heart of hegemony, however, the Tang family property but let him some at a loss, do not know who to pass on. Pass it to Tang Qiang? I am afraid it is difficult to convince people, after all, Tang Qiang has done that kind of thing, even if he did not pursue too much, but this matter to the Tang family caused by the psychological shadow is not so easy to erase. To Tang Hong? Tang Jingnan still has concerns, because Tang Hong's desire for fame and fortune is too heavy, the words passed to him are likely to lead Tangmen astray, or even cruel internal fighting. This is not those foreign Mafia families, pay attention to so strict survival of the fittest, Tang Jingnan naturally hopes to be able to family harmony, family harmony, how good it would be. In fact, in Tang Jingnan's heart, the two most ideal objects are Ye Qian and Jin Weihao. These two young people are very capable. Although they are not surnamed Tang, they are also members of the Tang family. If they lead the Tang family, it will naturally be another scene. However, Ye Qian has his own career, Jin Weihao also has his own career, simply can not take care of the matter of Tangmen, which is also a very difficult place for Tang Jingnan. Tang Qiang is now completely without any ambition, a little bit of the idea of being a monk for a day, he no longer participates in all the things of the Tang family, he opened a small company, with the help of a little relationship with the Tang family. He did it on purpose and didn't want to argue with Tang Hong, because he knew that what he had done had not been fully accepted by the Tang family until now, and if it hadn't been for Ye Qian, he would have lost his life. Therefore, he is very open-minded, and it is good to do his own thing with his heart. It is also good to be free. Think about it carefully, at the beginning, I tried so hard to sit in the position of the head of the Tang family, but it was just worrying about nothing, just adding to my worries. Now this life, is not more comfortable than before? He also finally understood that sometimes people really do not need to pursue too much, sometimes simple is a kind of happiness. After a busy day, Tang Qiang left the company and drove to the Tang family. Driving very slowly all the way, blowing the night wind, is also a very good way to wash your soul. Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. Tang Qiang was startled and hurriedly stepped on the brake! "" There was a screeching sound of brakes, and the car stopped just a few centimeters away from the figure. With a slight frown, Tang Qiang opened the car door and went out. Are you all right? Tang Qiang asked, "shall I take you to the hospital?"? Sorry, the light is not very clear at night, so I can't see it very clearly. It didn't hurt you,face detection android, did it? Although Tang Qiang realized that this was not his own fault, but the other side suddenly rushed out, but Tang Qiang was still very polite to blame himself first. Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang Chapter 1856 true and false Luo Ming.


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