Jiulongzhang by Shuiboyuan

Jiulongzhang by ShuiboyuanJiulongzhang by ShuiboyuanJiulongzhang by Shuiboyuan

Shu Xin shook his head with an expressionless face. "I still want the emperor to beat the drum himself." The people outside waited for half an hour before Mingzhe Ji woke up. She was awakened by Wen Renjie with his arm. Mingzhe halberd was having a nightmare of falling from the cliff, and he got a heavy hammer on his stomach. When she woke up, she was in a cold sweat, and she couldn't tell whether it was because of shock or pain. Hearing that Jie had made a fierce attack, he slept soundly, occupying most of the bed, not to mention that one leg was still overbearing on her body. No wonder when she fell down the cliff, she felt that she could not move no matter how she struggled. It turned out that her lower body was numbed by pressure. Mingzhe Ji hate to push Wen Jie aside, this guy even the wound on her leg is also ignored, when the pressure is not merciful, fortunately did not hit her broken calf bone, otherwise with his no light no heavy strength, one foot can kick her lame. The numbness on Mingzhe's legs was gradually eliminated, and he called out angrily, "It's time to get up." Wen Ren Jie had no intention of opening his eyes at all. He frowned and waved her hand away from him. He changed his position and went back to sleep. Ming Zhe Ji was amused by his lazy appearance to want to laugh, where did she know that he suffered all night last night, did not sleep at all. Mingzhe Ji was so cruel that he stretched out his hand and twisted it on Wen Ren Jie's arm. Hearing Jie's cry of pain, he finally woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Mingzhe's halberd smiling at him. What happened last night flashed back in front of his eyes. For a moment, his whole body was as hot as if it had been boiled. He shrank into a ball and got into the quilt. Ming Zhe Ji didn't know he was shy, and thought he was determined to stay in bed, so he pulled the quilt on his body with brute force and pushed him twice. Wen Ren Jie did not resist and pulled another quilt to drill in. Ming Zhe's halberd was completely angry. "It's three poles in the morning. Because of you, I got up late. Do you still want to act shamelessly?" Hearing this, Jie turned a deaf ear and muttered in the quilt, "I'm not honest with my broken legs." "What did you say?" "Nothing was said." "Get up quickly." "Why do you have to pull me up when you want to get up?" To tell the truth, Wen Jie didn't even dare to look at the face of Mingzhe's halberd. He also knew that hiding like this was not a long-term solution,silk olive tree, but if he had to face her right away, he probably couldn't do it. Mingzhe halberd was aroused to be competitive, pulling the quilt and pushing people's hands with all their strength. The quilt on Wen Ren Jie's head was torn off after all, and his eyes met, and both of them were stunned. Early in the morning, her hair was messy and her eyes were a little puffy. Not only was she not as attractive as when she fell asleep last night, but she looked a little funny, but damn it, he reacted again. There is no worse situation than now. Wen Jie gnashed his teeth and said, "If you recruit me again, you will bear the consequences." Ming Zhe Ji was shocked by his bloodthirsty eyes, hesitated for a moment, in the end or did not start again. This guy is really angry when he gets up. She cut her hair and tried to get out of bed over him. Before she could call someone, silk cherry blossom tree ,large palm trees for sale, she was taken back to bed by Wen Ren Jie. "I told you to bear the consequences." Mingzhe halberd was hit on the thigh of the injury, the pain just want to call, "where I have to recruit you, I can not get up?" Wen Ren Jie was simply unreasonable. "You dangled in front of my eyes just to recruit me." As soon as he finished speaking, he lost his lips, tossing and turning, tender and emotional. Although his previous tone of voice was vicious, he was very gentle when he kissed her, and the movements of his hands were very restrained, with a sense of being careful to please her. In this way, Mingzhe Ji did not know what kind of attitude he should use to refuse him. As soon as this side reacts slowly, Wen Renjie's hand touches her legs, and her mouth kisses her earlobe along her cheek. Mingzhe halberd felt numb all over his body. "Where do you touch your hand?" Didn't you hit the wound? I'll rub it for you. She pinched his little paw and almost crushed the bone of his hand. "What are you doing this morning?" "Do whatever you want." You and I are not destined to do whatever we want. Stop fooling around. Wen Jie guessed that Mingzhe Ji was worried about her reputation, and he himself did not want to be crowned with the reputation of a male pet, so he stopped after eating a few spoonfuls of tofu. He was afraid that he would be in a hurry to do such a thing in the blue sky and the white sun, and that he might be laughed at if he really got it. He couldn't stand being laughed at by her. It's a good thing she didn't know what happened last night. If it happened in front of her, he would really lose face. It's better to go back and prepare carefully, and do it with ease. The wise halberd saw that Wen Jie was frowning in a trance and waved in front of his eyes. "I'll call someone to serve and change clothes." Wen Jie grabbed her hand subconsciously and said with a smile, "Why do you call someone to change clothes? I'll help the emperor." Mingzhe Ji watched him come over, thinking that he was going to move his hands and feet again, but he just scratched her with a bad smile on his face. Mingzhe halberd body sensitive, at first also endure, gradually can not help it. When Wen Ren Jie saw her laughing happily, he couldn't help fighting more and more bravely. The two of them fought and laughed together. Shu Xin and a cadre of attendants heard the laughter inside outside, and their expressions were different. The attendants all had the idea of watching the scene of bustle, and there were also those who pitied Shuxin. Shu Xin saw that they all lowered their heads and could not hang on their faces, so he brushed his sleeves and went back to the hunting ground. "When the emperor gets up, don't say I've been here." The attendants answered hurriedly. Early in the morning, there was such a scene, and when Mingzhe Ji tidied up and went to the hunting ground, half an hour had passed. The people who had expected to hunt early had run out of patience, and although Shu Xin had a polite smile on his face, he was also bored. Ming Zhe Ji had a little guilt, but when she caught a glimpse of Wen Ren Jie's face as usual, she became calm for no reason. Hunting today, catch alive, don't shoot. As soon as the words came out, the people at the bottom were a little surprised. Shu Xin said with a smile, "If you want to catch him alive, you have to shoot him. If the prey is wounded, no matter whether it is killed or released later, it will be torture." The wise halberd smiled indifferently and said,artificial coconut palm trees, "The queen is right. In that case, you are not allowed to shoot or wound. Not only can you not use arrows, but also don't use knives and guns." 。 hacartificialtree.com


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