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I wrote the green tea kneeling also want to abuse [wear quickly]I wrote the green tea kneeling also want to abuse [wear quickly]

I'll go, you bastards! Finally let the young master wait! Suddenly, a tall and straight figure appeared at the entrance of the lane. A young man clenched the kebab in his hand, several arrows rushed in, flew a foot, directly kicked Liu Ge to the ground, lying down and unable to move. Next to the three young people have not yet responded, they were immediately punched by a young man, covering a mouth full of teeth fell to the ground rolling: "Ah, my teeth." My teeth.. Soon, two more men in military uniforms ran into the lane. The young man raised his chin slightly. "Take all these bastards back." "Yes." One of the two men in uniform locked the two hooligans and left. Tang Shi was about to catch up when he suddenly thought of another person. He looked back and looked at Shi Qiao, who was crying and covering his clothes. He had a headache. He is most afraid of women crying. He coughed and handed over a string of roast chicken. "Roast chicken buttocks, don't you eat?" Shi Qiao trembled like autumn leaves and shook his head in tears: "No." Tang Shi immediately took back a bite and went out: "Then I'll go first. It's not safe outside. Go home quickly." Wait for me! I'm afraid.. Seeing that he was going to leave, she panicked and quickly stood up, but as soon as she stood up, her leg hurt and fell back, "Hiss, whine, whine, it hurts.." The hooligans had just worked so hard that her legs hurt badly. What a trouble. Tang Shi murmured, thinking that his cousin's hospital was nearby. After eating the rest of the kebab, he threw the bamboo stick into the trash can in front of him. He turned back and squatted in front of Shi Qiao: "Come up,decorative palm trees, aunt!" Chapter 40 companion piece 018 【018】 At one o'clock in the morning, Tang Ji finished the last big question. The interface of the two papers is neat, and each question has a neat answer. He put on the cap of the pen, checked it carefully twice, saw that there was no mistake, and was about to put it aside when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a blank in the name. Forgot to write your name? Tang Ji's mind flashed through his head buried in the bowl to eat, completely unlike the figure who had just finished the operation. After a moment of silence, he unscrewed his pen,large artificial blossom trees, drew one stroke at a time in the place of his name, and wrote down vigorously and forcefully: Shi Ge. Boom. At this time, the office door was kicked open, a tall young man strode in, full of gas shouted: "Brother, extremely urgent, help!" " “……” Tang Ji slightly frowned, the man was Tang Ji's cousin in this world, called Tang Shi. According to the memory of the original owner, Tang Shi is 23 years old this year and is an officer. The point is, the relationship between the original owner and Tang Shi is very good. Master, if the identity is exposed, the mission is a failure. System 001 reminds Tang Ji. So you have to be intimate with Tang Shi. Don't always keep a straight face. Smile. "Oh." Tang Ji covered his pen cap and his expression did not change. Ninety-nine percent of the task has been completed, only to cure Lin Jianhai! System 001 continues to chatter, "What a pity if you fail because of your facial paralysis!" Tang Ji: "It doesn't matter." Wen Yan system 001 almost crashed in anger. It was quiet for a moment, artificial banyan trees ,outdoor palm trees, and then said: "Master, I forgot to tell you before, if the mission fails, the last mission will be deducted half of the life value!" " Tang Ji did not manage the system 001. He raised his eyes and looked at Tang Shi lightly. "Don't make a lot of noise in the hospital." His attitude was so cold that Tang Shi was stunned, but he was quickly attracted by Shi Qiao, who was moving around on his back and groaning in pain: "Can you hurry up?"? My feet hurt so much! "I know, I know." Tang Shi resigned and sighed, looking at Tang Ji again, "I'm sorry, brother, this is really urgent, next time I promise to enter the hospital immediately catwalk!" Tang Ji ignored his garrulous words. He looked at Qiao's slightly trembling leg. "What's wrong with the leg?" Just as Tang Shi was about to open his mouth, he suddenly thought of saying that a little girl was almost hit by a few hooligans. He said vaguely, "I accidentally bumped into her." Hearing this, Qiao looked up subconsciously. She was on Tang Shi's back. They were very close to each other. As soon as she looked up, she saw Tang Shi's handsome side face close at hand. Bang, bang, bang. Her heart throbbed, her white cheeks flushed with shame, and she said in a small voice, "Thank you.." Thank you. ” Tang Shi slanted his head and happened to be staring at her eyes. Suddenly, a strange palpitation rose from the bottom of his heart. He turned away uncomfortably and muttered, "It's not easy to hear you say thank you." “……” Hearing Tang Shi's words, Shi Qiao's face was red with the speed of wildfire spreading withered grass. In fact, she wanted to thank him from the time he saved her, but her feet really hurt too much, and she forgot the pain. The other end. Tang Ji put two papers into the case and said lightly, "There is a doctor on duty on the first floor. He is good at surgery. You can take her to the first floor." Is there anyone in the city who is better at surgery than you? I don't believe it. This time, without the interference of Shi Qiao, Tang Shi finally reacted, "Brother, there seems to be something wrong with you tonight." "A little cold." Tang Ji's face did not change color and he answered fluently. Are you sick? Tang Shi did not doubt, nodded, "then I still find another doctor." He turned around, walked a few steps and turned back, "Brother, I know you are dedicated to serving the people, but only with a healthy body can you serve better. Don't hold on. You should ask for leave to go home when you are sick." With that, he went downstairs with Shi Qiao on his back. Tang Ji got up with the case and went directly upstairs to 303. On the way, the system 001 asked curiously, "Master, why did you pretend to be ill and not treat that girl?"? I think she's cute! Tang Ji's face was expressionless: "It's not within the scope of the task." "But-" system 001 is more curious, "cooking milk and egg custard and doing math papers are not within the scope of the task!" Silence. Tang Ji was silent all the way until he reached 303, when he said lightly, "Because her name is Shi Ge." He gently pushed open the door, the ward is very quiet, when the song has fallen asleep, breathing steadily and long. He went over,artificial plant wall panels, pulled out the test paper and pressed it under the water cup, packed up the empty bowl and the thermal insulation bucket, and was about to leave when the song suddenly lifted the quilt with one hand and muttered "so hot" in his mouth. hacartificialtree.com


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