Jianghu is full of local tyrants.

He was a violent person or something. Most of the people who put the river lanterns are at the covered bridge, but the upstream is quite quiet, and there are not many lights around.

Qin Shaoyu didn't take it seriously. "So what?" How about that, okay! "Shen Xiao was speechless and choked, and his man was simply shameless." Hurry up Qin Shaoyu urged. Shen Qianling lost his power and humiliated the national road. "I can only touch it." Qin Shaoyu said, "good." The door of the private room was closed, and naturally no one could see it, but outside the window was a bustling crowd, and there were people talking outside the door from time to time. This environment was not suitable for doing impure things at all, okay? It was like a pervert! Shen Xiaoshou stiffened his body, feeling that his little stomach was pinched to and fro, and that life was worse than death. How can you do that. You must have indigestion at night. In addition to appreciating the lotus, lotus lanterns will be set off in the evening to recall the deceased. Small vendor business is very good, Qin Shaoyu bought a lotus lamp, took Shen Qianling to a quiet corner, wrote down the name of the brother, and then gently put into the river. On the surface of the dark river, the starry candles lit up and extinguished, and as the water flowed away, they slowly converged with a large area of light. Shen Qianling turned his head to make sure what mood he was in now. It's all over. Qin Shaoyu said, "don't worry." "Mmm." Shen Qianling took the initiative to hold his hand. Qin Shaoyu smiled, and they just wanted to go back, but they saw a woman in front of them putting a river lantern,ceramic igniter electrodes, and behind him stood a tall man with a long crescent knife slung across his back, looking like he came from the desert. Green waist. Shen Qianling recognized her. Lord of the Qin Palace, Mr. Shen. The woman stood up straight. "What a coincidence!" Small lotus lantern winding in the water, although can not see the words above, but also can guess for whom. Shen Qianling said, "I've been to Lichun Courtyard several times, and the handymen inside say you're not here." As soon as she left Baijian Villa, she didn't know where she had gone. She only heard vague rumors in Jianghu that she had gone to the desert alone,7g Ozone Generator, but she couldn't find out more information. I just came back today, and I had planned to visit the Chasing Shadow Palace again in a few days. Green waist way, "it happened to be the day to watch the lotus, so I came here to put a river lantern." "Will you still go?" Shen Qianling asked. Not for a while. Green waist smiles, "Li Chun courtyard will also reopen, Shen Gongzi can come at any time." "Mmm." Shen Qianling looked at the man behind her and said, "is this your friend?" Green waist nodded, "yes." As they spoke, the man leaned against the tree and looked into the distance, as if he had nothing to do with the conversation. There were some ferocious scars on his face, but his eyes were very indifferent. Then we won't bother any more. Shen Qianling said, "If you are free, come to the Shadow Palace at any time." The green waist smiled, "Yes." After saying goodbye, ceramic bobbin heater ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Shen Qianling and Qin Shaoyu walked back together and said, "What do you think?" "How about what?" Qin Shaoyu asked. The green waist seems to be more restrained than before. Shen Qianling Road. When a woman goes into the desert alone, she will always encounter some people and things, and it is natural that her personality will change. Qin Shaoyu said, "this is not necessarily bad now." "What about that man? Do you know who he is?" Shen Qianling asked. Qin Shaoyu shook his head, "never seen it before." "If only two people could get married." Shen Qianling sighed with emotion. Qin Shaoyu laughed, "is this also in charge?" "I just want her to have a good home." Shen Qianling Road, Baijian Villa has been completely sealed, but the living people have to continue their days, naturally hoping to have a happy ending. I'm afraid you and I can't manage it. Qin Shaoyu took his hand and walked forward, "but the green waist is really a good girl, God will not be willing to embarrass her, at least tonight that man, looks like a master, after fighting need not worry." Shen Qianling did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was a violent person or something. Most of the people who put the river lanterns are at the covered bridge, but the upstream is quite quiet, and there are not many lights around. Qin Shaoyu simply picked him up, while walking forward while pinching and touching to take advantage, two people fight, even the air is warm and sweet, watching the lips are about to meet, a group of dark guards suddenly rumbled over, "Palace Lord!" The voice is simply deafening! Shen Qianling was startled and quickly earned it from Qin Shaoyu's arms. Qin Shaoyu's face was black. "Did you run into a ghost?" If in peacetime, for "interrupted the palace master and childe kiss" this kind of thing, the dark guard will be scrambling to shirk responsibility, so as not to be sent to sweep the latrine or simply sell! But this is an exception, because.. Master Shaogong is missing! "What?" Shen Qianling was dumbfounded. It's true. The dark guard burst into tears. "It was still there when I was watching the scene of bustle by the river, but it disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. We didn't find it for a long time." This is simply a bolt from the blue, very worthy of death apology! Shen Xiaoshou was dizzy at once! At the same time, the people by the river have also learned the tragic news of "the disappearance of the little phoenix", and immediately feel that the whole person is not good. You should know that in Yunlan City, the popularity of hairballs is very high. They are often taken down the mountain to play by the dark guards. They are very familiar with everyone. From time to time, their hearts will melt. They can't stand missing or anything! So for a while, numerous torches were lit on both sides of the Yunlan River, and the people volunteered to join the search for the Little Phoenix. The scene was touching! "Don't worry." Qin Shaoyu comforted him, "Maybe he was just playing on a stall and ran out by himself after a while." Shen Qianling was so angry that he followed the dark guard to look for him in the crowd. But in fact, the little phoenix is in a miserable situation now, because it has been kidnapped! Originally, he was squatting on the body of the dark guard, but he saw a small stall selling lotus candies, so he opened his wings and fluttered to the ground, trying to taste it. Since this was often the case before, the dark guard did not care, and the result was tragic. At this moment, the hairball is squatting in a small cage made of black iron, looking angrily at the two men in front of him. Darling, it's really a phoenix. One of them picked up the lamp and looked carefully at the short tail plume behind his buttocks. "Now we two brothers are rich." "Be careful,10g Ozone Generator, this is the Phoenix chasing the shadow palace, Qin Shaoyu is not easy to mess with." Another Scar Face said, "We have to find a way to get it out of the city quickly so that we can sell it for a good price in the south." 。 global-ceramics.com


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