Big fellow strong woman by Yan Xi

Those virtuous ministers and generals cooperate with you tacitly, but Ying'er seldom cooperates with them, so they may not all be willing to obey him!

So he was very happy after being flogged, for which he was ridiculed. Unexpectedly, a few years later, this damned prophecy came true. The relationship between Queen Yingbufeng and Xiang Yu became closer. He had carried out Xiang Yu's order to secretly kill Emperor Xiong Xin, who had moved from Pengcheng to Binxian County. This kind of thing can not be appointed unless it is a trusted person. Later, however, because of his suspicion of Xiang Yu, Yingbu turned his back to Chu and joined the Han Dynasty. In the fourth year of Emperor Gaozu's reign (203 BC), he was made the King of Huainan by Liu Bang. He played a key role in the battle of Gou Xia. After the founding of the Han Dynasty, he continued to be the king of Huainan. After Han Xin and Peng Yue had an accident, he was very perturbed, but it was not enough for him to make up his mind to rebel. The fuse was because one of his favorite concubines was very beautiful, but her spirit was not very good, so she often went to find a herbalist to recuperate. The doctor who helped her recuperate had a good relationship with Ben He, who thought he was a minister and did not avoid suspicion. He wanted to make a good relationship with Yingbu by pleasing the favorite concubine. But did not expect to outsmart himself, because he was too close to his favorite concubine, causing YingBu's disgust. He thought he wanted to hit Chong Ji, so he was very angry and wanted to punish him. Ben he got the news ahead of time, didn't even think about it, then fled to Changan overnight. Run away, he also announced personal revenge, took the opportunity to report YingBu training troops, privately recruited soldiers, ready to rebel on it. Lu pheasants and Xiao He don't believe, to Ben he first locked up, find out the truth, and then make a decision. When Liu Bang heard about this, he wanted to catch YingBu for interrogation. Xiao he had no choice but to suggest that send an emissary to see YingBu first and investigate the matter clearly. And YingBu, learned that Ben he has fled to Changan, in the heart has begun to ponder, this boy did not press a good mind,stainless steel tile edge trim, I'm afraid is to be framed. Sure enough, two days later, a spy reported that Kyoto had sent an emissary to come, YingBu was very surprised, afraid that like Peng Yue, those emissaries were coming to arrest people. After thinking about it in every possible way, he really rebelled. First against the king of Jing Liu Jia, Liu Jia and Liu bang is uncle brother, early years to follow Liu bang, also have the strength. But where is he Yingbu's opponent? Soon defeated, Liu Jia was defeated in Fuling (now north of Hongze,metal trim manufacturers, Jiangsu), and Yingbu was in hot pursuit, and was eventually killed by Yingbu. After winning the first battle, Yingbu's confidence increased greatly, and he took advantage of the victory to attack the State of Chu. Liu Jiao, the king of Chu, sent his troops to fight and set up a battlefield between Xu County (now south of Sihong, Jiangsu) and Guoxian County (now northeast of Sixian, Anhui). Liu Jiao is not as good as Liu Jia, but also fled, fled into Xue County. Successive victories, let YingBu very conceited, thought, Liu bang is what? It is not worth fearing at all when it has been urged to grow old. Soon successively took several places, the news spread to Changan, Liu bang dragging sick body, just want to go to court with the princes. But the mood is worse, he thought about it and proposed to let prince Liu Ying in command, conquering YingBu. He also announced the abolition of Yingbu's throne and conferred the title of King of Huainan on Liu Chang, who was born to Zhao Ji. Lu pheasants listen to Liu bang said, to let the prince in command, stainless steel edging strip ,china tile trim, let Lu shizhi to "four Hao" for an idea. "Four Hao" shook his head one after another, all with the same meaning. The leader said decisively, "The prince cannot be in command. Because he is the heir, if in command of the war, no reward for merit! And if the failure, just let people seize the handle, it is thankless! If you don't want to be abolished, you can't agree! Lu pheasants was crying, to Liu bang back. Liu Bang was very unhappy and said impatiently, "What are you worried about?"? Are you afraid that the prince can't cope with it? As a prince, he has to face it sooner or later! What's more, this trip to conquer YingBu Lord is Cao Shen, and GuanYing, Li Shang these Xiao will assist, the vassal king personally rate troops to fight, it is the time of the prince Jiangong. I'm doing it for his own good! Lu pheasants wiped away his tears and said, "That's easy for you to say."! Think about it, YingBu but with Peng Yue, Han Xin equally famous will! Ying'er doesn't have much experience against the enemy. Is it fair for him to fight with Yingbu at the beginning of his training? What's more, your majesty has always been your own army, defeat the army! Those virtuous ministers and generals cooperate with you tacitly, but Ying'er seldom cooperates with them, so they may not all be willing to obey him! Liu Bang thought there was some truth in it. He frowned and said, "What do you think is more appropriate?" Lu Zhi thought for a moment and said, "If Yingbu knew Your Majesty that you couldn't go on a personal expedition, I'm afraid he would change his original strategy and attack the Central Plains directly."! I see, or king you go to war in person, I mean you can sit in the command, the generals who dare not do their best? Our big fellow Jiangshan, can all depend on the king you! A word even hold with drag, Liu bang also can only agree, then drive a personal expedition. He asked Zhang Liang to accompany him, but Zhang Liang kept resigning, but refused to go. He also suggested, "Your Majesty, you are going to go to war. Please hand over to Liu Ying the chariot soldiers and cavalry from the counties of Shangjun, Beidi and Longxi, which were directly under the jurisdiction of Bo Zhou and others, as well as about thirty thousand officers and lieutenants recruited from Bashu, to become the Prince's Guard and garrison on Ba in case of emergencies." Liu Bang looked at Prince Liu Ying, and then looked at the four masters around him, then nodded and agreed. Lu pheasants secretly pleased in the heart, Zhang Liang indeed as expected, wholeheartedly assist her with the prince. Liu bang, no one can guarantee that there will be an accident. If the prince does not have a single soldier, the consequences are unimaginable. As long as you have military power, everything will be easy. Chapter 071 postscript (end). Updated August 16, 2012 15:41:11 Words: 1057 Just started to write a novel version of Lu pheasants, then along the line of history, the Han Dynasty early, the middle of the historical trend, wrote again. Please forgive those who read the book, Yan Xi did not write it completely in the form of a novel. Because in the process of writing, suddenly found that Lu pheasants life, has been very legendary, there is no need for Yan Xi to construct the story again. About Lu pheasants this character, really not too good to write, this Chinese history, the first female politician in the court system. In everyone's mind, it is fixed. Vicious, vicious is her pronoun, strong character, good at scheming, unscrupulous. In fact, the environment can really change a person, her character is firm,tile profile factory, decisive, and even tough, but also forced out by the environment.


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