A thousand faces of elegance

"What are you looking at?" He asked. As soon as Xie An basks in the sun: "Nothing else, just suddenly feel, the younger sister puts on this men's clothes, as if a good childe also."

The carriage drove with all its strength, and finally in the evening, the team returned to the city where Shi Min had met. This time, because through several countries, Xie An's envoys, are light and simple, a school of ordinary Jin dress. To Chu Si's surprise, Xie An really chose the original restaurant to live in. When the two men took the guards and sat down again on the second floor. Chu Si looked at Xie An's eyes, not full of doubt. Xie An looked her in the eye and whispered, "Miss Chu Si, it was here that Shi Hu took her away." His voice was rather low, and there was a faint coldness and mockery of himself in his expression. Chu Si was answering when he heard a noise coming from below. The uproar was mingled with cries and desperate pleas for mercy. Chu Si's heart tightened: "What evil is this stone tiger doing?"? They were sitting against the window. Chu Si turned to look in the direction of the sound, and after about five or six minutes, a team appeared in her field of vision. Dozens of armored sergeants, armed with pikes and swords, were driving twenty or thirty girls. Around these soldiers, there are old men holding their thighs and crying bitterly, as well as women crying bitterly. In the midst of these confused sounds, there was also the cry of the baby's "mother, mother". As soon as a sergeant stretched out his foot, he kicked away the old man who was crawling in front of his feet. He plunged the pike in his hand into the ground and shouted,tile trim manufacturers, "Don't cry!"! Stop crying! If you go on making trouble, I'll tell you fools to go to hell first! After screaming for a while, the sergeant took a few steps and kicked out, right on the buttocks of a girl. After making that girl stagger, the sergeant burst out laughing: "That crazy man!"! The king took a fancy to your daughters and wanted to give them a fortune, but he still howled here without knowing whether they were alive or dead! Cry again and again, annoyed my king, simply cook these women together to give the princes to eat! Ha ha ha ha. In the sergeant's wild laughter,aluminum tile edge trim, the cries around him slowly quieted down a little. The girls who were driven away, one by one, tried to hold back their cries, and their whole bodies were like shaking chaff. Seeing this scene, Chu Si could not help saying in a low voice, "It would be strange if such a cruel and perverted man could be a king for a long time." "It's just a barbarian. How can you understand the principles of these countries?" Xie An's voice came gently. He looked at Chu Si with a smile in his eyes and said, "Sister's face was full of indignation just now. It seems that she has a lot of hatred for Shi Hu.". I didn't expect that such a gentle lady in the Jin Dynasty would not only have outstanding talent, but also extraordinary insight. It really made the foolish brother ashamed. Chu Si was so suddenly praised by Xie An that he could not help blushing. It took her a while to figure out that what Xie An said was extraordinary, referring to her previous sentence, "It would be strange if such a cruel and perverted person could be a king for a long time!" Want to understand this point, Chu Si can not help but a little funny. How come when I say something like that, it can also be crowned with a comment of extraordinary insight? She did not think that although there were many strange women in the Jin Dynasty, their talent in writing poems and pointing out words was very little known about this very simple principle of family and country. Chu Si lowered his head and said softly, "I have no way not to be angry with such a miserable life and perverse acts." The voice is still gentle and delicate. She said a word, but looked up to see Xie An is a good time to look at their own, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel tile trim, that expression, seems to have some kind of interest? Chu Si was puzzled. After a while, his eyes were still locked on him. "What are you looking at?" He asked. As soon as Xie An basks in the sun: "Nothing else, just suddenly feel, the younger sister puts on this men's clothes, as if a good childe also." Not exactly! Chu Si glanced at him and knew that he didn't want to say it, so he ignored it. He turned his head and looked at the crowd below. Tight lips, Chu Si looked at the crying despair of the women were driven farther and farther by the soldiers, gradually, her eyes a bend, showing a smile. Chapter 62 go back to zhaocheng When Chu Si turned his head, his face was already relaxed. She took one look at the opposite Xie An, secretly thought: "Xie An this person is too shrewd, always with him, I am very dangerous.". My identity is really strange tight, if let Xie An know the facts, he, he did not know how disappointed, sad, perhaps I will hate the bone! Think of Xie An will have the expression, Chu Si is not very panic. For Xie An, she has always had a feeling that is hard to let go. She longed for his approval and liked to get along with him. However, the thought of her present identity is extremely strange, she is a burst of fear, a burst of anxiety. Therefore, the best way now is to break up with Xie An, and this breakup is also very natural, very clever and good. Chu Si bowed his head and kept silent, secretly calculating. At this time, the noise outside suddenly, Chu Si secretly wondered: "What's going on?"? Did Shi Hu come up with some tricks again? This time, however, the noise became louder and louder, and gradually, there was a lot of shouting everywhere, and the whole street, as if it had become a vegetable market, boiled up in a moment. Chu Si looked down curiously, but saw that the crowd converged into running water and rushed forward in groups. Just as she pricked up her ears to hear what was going on. There was a rapid sound of horse racing, and with the rapid running of the horse's hooves came a loud drumming and shouting: "Your Majesty has ordered that all the people of the city should rush to the West City Road within a quarter of an hour!"! The people of the whole city rushed to the inner road of the West City at once! The cry grew louder and louder, and in a twinkling of an eye, a knight beat a drum and shouted as he rode past. Not long after the knight left, another drum sounded, and in the sound of the drum, the shouts of "all the people in the city rushed to the inner road of the West City" were heard all the time. The sound of tables and chairs moving kept ringing, and Chu Si turned his head and saw all the guests on the second floor rushing downstairs. She looked at Xie An, but saw that Xie An stood up in his spare time. When he looked into her inquiring eyes,aluminum tile trim, he smiled and said, "We are lucky. As soon as we come here, we can see the performance of Shi Hu." Then he stretched out his right hand toward Chu Si. Chu Si put his little hand in the palm of his hand and followed him downstairs. jecatrims.com


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