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That night, after Xin Niang explained the affairs of the mansion and Jiyu Tower, she got up with Shen Jun and Yao Huan.

Xunchuan saw that the sky was getting dark and Shaohuan had not come back yet. Although she knew that she would not be in any danger in Qingxin Xingjun, she was still in the backyard of Xinfu and took a walk to the Qingxin Temple outside Changyang City. Shaking Huan sits in the "law array" piled up by beautiful stones and counts coppers. Money is rich and powerful, the hand is not gold leaves or gold ingots, shaking Huan really did not touch the copper. This will sit cross-legged on the ground, like a string of bracelets, twisting a copper plate into a smaller string of fairy ropes. Qingxin Xingjun sat on the square tripod and cried, and the incense that had not yet burned out in the tripod was still rising with white smoke, floating out from behind him one by one. Xun Chuan is not surprised. He stepped forward and asked Xin Niang, who was looking on with folded arms, "What happened?" "Miss Yao smashed the signboard of Qingxin Temple in front of the people of Changyang City." When Xin Niang finished, she could not help laughing and turned away with her lips covered. Back to the matter of Qingxin Xingjun's hard demonstration of the magic stick, he thought that the white and beautiful little Qinglong was just a silly white and sweet vase, and he taught her all the ways he used to pretend to be a ghost like a tease. Although Qingxin Xingjun's magic power is limited, those practices are naturally enough in the mortal world. On weekdays, killing demons and eliminating demons naturally depends entirely on real skills. Only those who come to seek marriage, official career and children, even if he is the Jade Emperor, have to turn over the book of fate of the chief of fate, and naturally use another set of methods. Unexpectedly, this blue dragon belly is black, although good-looking, if her real body is not a dragon, Qingxin Xingjun really wants to doubt whether she is a snake and scorpion. In front of the mountain of copper plates, which was piled up as high as a hill, when she saw the emperor coming, she did not miss this small copper mountain. She put the "long dragon" strung by her overqualified fairy rope into a small sachet and flew into the emperor's arms like a butterfly. Shaking Huan is not bound by secular concepts,China spa factory, nor does he feel that he admires the emperor at all. The emperor also likes her. There is nothing to hide about this kind of thing. It is a handy spring girl to be a bird. Qingxin Xingjun also felt guilty because he didn't have long eyes yesterday and collided with the emperor. He was about to come over to see the ceremony when he saw a glance from Shaohuan. The villain complained first: "Emperor, I didn't know until today that the best face cream and hand cream used by Qingxin bacteria on weekdays, the hardcover version of the book and the delicate snacks he ate were all coaxed by him with a magic stick.". I've already cleaned him up, and I don't have to bother you any more. Xun Chuan scraped the tip of her nose with a smile. "You've learned to complain first." Qingxin Xingjun raised his eyebrows and said to himself, "There is still a chance to be rehabilitated!"! He stepped forward and saluted with his hand: "God..." As soon as the words began, he saw Xunchuan raise his hand to wipe away the crumbs from Shaohuan's lips and said approvingly, "But I know that I have shared my worries, which shows that I have made progress." Qingxin Xingjun: "… …" God, please walk slowly. Although he was punished by the bad little dragon, Qingxin Xingjun was convinced in his heart. After he couldn't wait to see off Shen Jun and Yao Huan, in order to comfort Xin Niang, he specially comforted her by saying, "I have saved a lot of money by cheating and swindling all these years. I can still maintain this Taoist temple for a few days.". "Miss Xin, don't worry, 4 person jacuzzi ,jacuzzi swim spa, go and find the Royal Dragon Wash. I'll watch it for you, Mr. Jiang." Xin Niang thanked him, looked at the direction where Jiang Yi was now, covered his eyes, and left. —— That night, after Xin Niang explained the affairs of the mansion and Jiyu Tower, she got up with Shen Jun and Yao Huan. At night, she went directly into Yanjing and found an inn to rest. Xin Niang is a demon body, although it is a gentle jade, but it is still difficult to enter the palace blessed by heaven, and it needs to be well prepared. After staying in the biggest and best inn in Yanjing, the coppers of Shaohuan finally came in handy. She packed the heavy coppers with Xin Niang's small cloth and called the waiter to come and inquire about the national teacher. Shen Xingcao did not forget to remind her when eating, and she naturally treated it attentively. When Xunchuan was opening the window to breathe, he looked back and saw her handing the heavy cloth bag to the waiter outside the door and walking back happily. He propped up the wooden bar of the carved red window, looked out of the window at the deep river around the city in the night, and asked her, "What did you find out?" Shaking Huan wagged his tail and gallantly pushed open the next window: "Emperor, you sit and rest, and let Shaking Huan do the rough work.". ” Seeing that the emperor didn't even have the words to refuse, he went straight back to the table to pour tea and pouted again: "Emperor, why don't you take pity on me like in the story?" Xun Chuan laughed, but he couldn't help it? He took a sip of the new tea that the waiter had just warmed and said slowly, "What is pity?" You should have asked me if I was tired of traveling? Are you thirsty? Do you want some water? Are you hungry? I'll buy you something you like. Something like that. Shaking Huan's backhand on the window frame, he jumped up and sat on the window frame, his black and white eyes looking at him without blinking. That look in his eyes is really a bit bitter. Xun Chuan thought for a moment: "We walk in a flash, from Changyang City to Yanjing but half a stick of incense time." After answering the first question, he went on to say, "As for whether I'm thirsty or not, I don't know where the little greedy cat came from. He was afraid that he couldn't drink Xin Niang's wine any more, so he went to the cellar and drank a whole pot.." Shaking Huan listened to his gradually bright smile, blushed, hurriedly interrupted: "Then you can also stop me and let me rest." Xunchuan put down his teacup, and his smiling eyes were startlingly bright in the bright candlelight in the inner room. Shaking Huan's little darling jumped, and his feet, which had been shaking all the time, stepped on the wall and looked at him obediently. Perhaps it was the eagerness of her eyes, or the little nervousness and joy that she could not hide in her eyes. Xunchuan walked toward her, then walked a few steps in front of her, winding the strands of hair that were tangled by the wooden window around her ear back behind her ear, and a slightly warm finger fell along her auricle on the side of her face. It's just fun. If you like it, you can do it. If you don't like it, I'll do it. What's there to care about? She's not a stingy dragon! Shaking Huan snorted and raised his hand to push him: "I am not haggling with you, I am also interested." The strength of her hand was really not much,endless swim pool, Xunchuan caught her close to the lips and kissed her lightly, the kiss was as soft as a feather, but instantly burned the whole face of Shaohuan.


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