Sword Emperor

After hearing this, Xiaofei pointed to the front and shouted twice. Lieluosi looked at Xiaofei helplessly and sighed: "If only I could understand the animal language!"

Side of Renault, only feel a flash of white shadow, the magic crystal nucleus in the hands of Lieluosi was snatched away by Xiaofei, and then opened his mouth to eat into the stomach! You ate the magic crystal nucleus? The eight people all looked at Xiaofei dumbfounded. After eating the magic crystal nucleus, Xiaofei's whole body turned red in an instant, and then turned back to white in an instant. Then Xiaofei ran to Renault and pointed to the head of the Flame Wolf, made a cut gesture, and then pointed to his mouth and squeaked. Scare. Still want to eat? Eight people are sweating. Ah Xiaofei, do you know what you ate? That's a six-level magic crystal core worth at least fifty thousand gold coins! You still want to eat. "" Cried Rielos, still dropping his axe, with his hands on his head, almost frantically. "What?" Asked Xiao Yifeng in surprise? Is a level six magic crystal core worth fifty thousand gold coins? Lan Mengfei answered, "It's more than fifty thousand gold coins. If you take it to the city of magic for auction, you can definitely sell it at a higher price!" When Xiao Yifeng heard this, he said proudly in his heart, "Hey, I made it!"! One is only fifty thousand, and you can't get dozens of such a big terror forest? Su Ruoxue looked at Xiaofei and said with a smile, "Oh, Xiaofei ate fifty thousand gold coins in one mouthful!" Xiaofei saw that Renault did not start to cut the head of the Flame Wolf, ran to Xiao Yifeng and pulled his trouser legs, first pointing at the Flame Wolf, then pointing at his mouth, and kept shouting. Xiao Yifeng looked at Xiaofei for a moment and asked, "Xiaofei, is it helpful for you to eat the magic crystal nucleus?" Squeaks. Squeaks. Xiaofei immediately shouted and nodded after hearing this. Seeing this, Xiao Yifeng said to Renault, "Take it out and give it to him to eat." After hearing this, Renault shrugged his shoulders and cut the head of the Flame Wolf with the tip of his gun, took out the magic crystal core and handed it to Xiaofei. Squeaks. Xiaofei happily picked up the magic crystal nucleus and ate it into his stomach. Then the whole body turns red first and then back to white. Shui Yueer looked at Xiao Yifeng and said with a smile, "Hee Hee,Fiberglass tape measure, Yifeng, you are really generous. One hundred thousand gold coins will be eaten by Xiao Fei." Su Ruoxue answered with a smile, "Oh, because Yifeng and Xiaofei have a good relationship!" Lan Mengfei sighed: "Yifeng is always extravagant." "Well, let's go and find Warcraft," said Lieluosi. "Yes," said Renault, "let's hurry to get back the two magic crystal cores that Xiaofei ate." Seeing this, Hsiao Yi-feng smiled and said, "Good!"! Xiaofei, go and lead the way. Let's continue to look for Warcraft. Squeak! Xiaofei gave a cry of joy and ran forward. Xiao Yifeng eight people followed Xiaofei for about two hours, night has gradually fallen, but they did not even meet a Warcraft. Lieluosi shouted to Xiaofei impatiently, "Xiaofei, are you taking the wrong way?"? Why didn't you meet a Warcraft? Renault is bored: "Yes, Walking measuring wheel ,horse weight tape, really strange, so long have not met Warcraft?" "Squeak, squeak." After hearing this, Xiaofei pointed to the front and shouted twice. Lieluosi looked at Xiaofei helplessly and sighed: "If only I could understand the animal language!" " After Renault listens, carry spirit, laugh: "Hey, you become a beast not to listen to understand animal language!" "Bastard, are you finding fault with this big fool?" Roared Rielos, looking up at Renaud. "What can you do to me to find fault?" Said Renault proudly. Xiao Yifeng looked at the sky and then at the dense trees around him. He stopped and shouted to Xiaofei, "Xiaofei, stop looking." Xiaofei ran back to Xiao Yifeng after hearing this. "Yifeng, why don't you look for Warcraft before you find it?" Asked Lieluosi. Renault answered, "Yes, I haven't found a more advanced Warcraft yet!" Xiao Yifeng explained: "Although the level of Warcraft encountered before is not high and the number is not large, since it is called a forbidden place, it must be dangerous. Now it is dark again, we should be cautious and continue to look for it at dawn." So you know the danger, too? Lan Mengfei looked at Xiao Yifeng and agreed: "I agree with Yifeng. Let's look for it tomorrow." Su Ruoxue answered, "That's right. It's so dark and dangerous." Renault, Lieluosi could only nod helplessly and agree with a sigh. Pointing to the trees on the right, Xiao Yifeng said, "Lie Luosi, go and split those trees and leave a piece of open space for setting up a tent.". "" Good. " After hearing this, Lieluosi nodded and set off to split the tree with a giant axe. The rest of the people began to prepare to set up tents. When the tree was split and two tents were set up, Xiao Yifeng eight people lit a fire and sat around the fire while eating and chatting. Xiaofei sat beside Xiao Yifeng with a pear in his arms. Xiao Yifeng ate the dried meat and looked at the four girls who were talking and laughing. He thought about the scene when they were being hunted down and killed. He said, "Ruoxue, Mengfei, and Yalin, you three should practice fighting spirit according to the" basic period "of the magic formula!"! Otherwise, it may happen again in the future when fighting with Liu Yun and others. When Su Ruoxue heard this, she immediately said, "OK, I agree!" She doesn't want to be a burden. "I agree," said Ji Yalin. Lan Mengfei thought for a moment and asked, "Then what magic formula do we practice?" Xiao Yifeng said, "Except for Ruoxue's" Guangming Jue ", the five of us have almost the same basic period of the magic formula. You can practice the fighting spirit according to the" basic period "of a magic formula at will. In this way, Ruoxue practices "Cangqiong Jue", Mengfei practices "Jinglei Jue", and Yalin practices "Congealing Water Jue". As for the moves, we'll talk about them later. Su Ruoxue, Lan Mengfei and Ji Yalin nodded in agreement after hearing this. Xiao Yifeng said to Renault, who handed Lan Mengfei the "Thunder Tips", "Renault, you can teach her what Mengfei doesn't understand." "Of course," said Renault. Xiao Yifeng said to Helian Aotian, who handed Ji Yalin the formula, "Aotian, teach her what Yalin doesn't understand." After hearing this, Helian Aotian nodded and said,Wheel tape measure, "Good." Su Ruoxue snuggled up to Xiao Yifeng and said in a charming voice, "Yifeng, teach me!" Xiao Yifeng hugged Su Ruoxue and doted on her: "Good." Ji Yalin saw that Xiao Yifeng doted on Su so much. tapemeasure.net


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