Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

He found an empty place to enclose a fence and enclosed the disciples like pigs.

"Yes." Chao Bu-mi nodded hurriedly. Martial Nephew's means were really brilliant. He had no idea how the one thousand people were captured. Chao Bu Mie didn't quite believe that he did it by relying on those overbearing big Luo Jinxian. If Da Luo Jinxian made a move, these disciples would not have such good treatment. After explaining the matter, Li Chengzhu went alone to the guest room arranged for him to meditate and rest. Li big boss calculate good, a night if you can Lu one thousand people, twelve thousand people is twelve days, what's more, the forces behind afraid to wait until they put their disciples after Lu have to show up. There will be another big war. Volume 6 My Place Listen to Me Chapter 23 Lin Fan's Passivity With the help of illusions and storage rings that can store living people, Li Chengzhu had a bumper harvest the next night. Basically, you can capture about a thousand people every time. Every time Big Boss Li acted, there was only one person, plus the little thing on his shoulder that guided him to the fluctuation of spiritual pressure. His mobility was so good that he gave full play to the essence of guerrilla warfare. He fired a gun to change a place and stirred up the three factions to complain bitterly. Disciples of the three schools often feel a sudden burst of extremely chaotic spiritual pressure, and then suddenly disappear, with which hundreds of disciples disappear each time. Qi Zhengdao had a hard time these days, and Lin Fan also had a hard time. The body of Wu Cang Wu's master still needed to be adjusted, and he could not be reused at all. After the discussion and resolution of Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan, the gathering place of the disciples was closed. The original two or three hundred disciples became five or six hundred. But Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan found that the situation of missing disciples continued. Moreover, due to the gathering of disciples, the number of people who disappeared has risen sharply. Qi Zhengdao knew that the boy standing on the opposite side of himself had the ability to summon disciples out of thin air. The last time I was in the Dragon's Den Mountains, I was frightened by his hand. But after the disappearance of thousands of disciples, Qi Zhengdao had some doubts about his speculation. Although the green blood ring can be ranked in the top five in the fairy world, it has the function of storing living people, but it can not hold thousands of people,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, right? Even the best storage rings can't have so much space. Although the piles of five or six hundred disciples were not very good, Qi Zhengdao believed that if he threw them into the water, they would still make a sound. But they just disappeared and didn't even make a sound. That is a group of five or six hundred disciples, not a stone, Qi Zhengdao can only come to one conclusion, that is, if the boy really used any summoning method to attack, the number of people in his hands is definitely more than five or six hundred people. As soon as these two phases were added, Qi Zhengdao's face turned a little pale. Li big boss's sneak attack plan is incomparably smooth, meets the stubborn resistance to knock dizzy directly, stuffs in the ring to say again. These few nights are not not discovered, but the three disciples are mixed, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and the disciples of Hehuan Sect brought out by themselves are profound. In order to cultivate the fighting consciousness of these women's army, Li Chengzhu did not make a move at all these nights, but just watched. Hundreds of people were caught every time they showed off their legs. The Martial Uncles of the Magic Sword Sect are very happy. Several empty warehouses are now full, all of which are disciples of the three schools who have been sealed up and can't use Reiki. Chao Immortal could even imagine the wonderful expressions on the faces of the three factions when all the people outside were caught in the Magic Sword Sect. On the night of the seventh day, Li Chengzhu encountered quite stubborn resistance. Those disciples whose strength is not very good are almost all captured, and the rest can not be solved all at one time. After dragging about two hundred people again, Big Boss Li quickly slipped away. Back to Huan Jian Zong, I counted the number of people. During the seven nights, I captured nearly six thousand disciples of the three factions. Fourth Martial Uncle Jiang Ziyin really did what he said about picking the night rose. He found an empty place to enclose a fence and enclosed the disciples like pigs. These people have no cultivation now, and basically only a few dozen disciples can take care of thousands of people. The disciples of the Magic Sword Sect looked at these people with red eyes. If Li Chengzhu hadn't said that these were his captives, no one would have moved. Those people of the Magic Sword Sect would have punched and kicked them long ago. Who wants their school to be surrounded by people? Now with such a chance of revenge, anyone with a little blood will take revenge. On the eighth night, Li Chengzhu did not move, so that the top level of the Magic Sword Sect, which was full of expectations, was lost. The ninth day is still the same, to the surprise of boss Li, the three factions outside the door actually did not pay attention to themselves. The disciples of the three factions were missing, and they could guess with their toes that they had done it themselves, but the three factions were stunned and did not even put a fart, which made Li Chengzhu feel a little lost. On the tenth day, Big Boss Li went out, and this time he released all the disciples of the Hehuan Sect he had brought with him. Under the cover of darkness, he stirred up the three factions stationed in the place, and people complained. As expected, Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan were prepared and set up a dragnet around the garrison, just waiting for Li Chengzhu to throw himself into the trap. But Big Boss Li has the nemesis of the natural array of the Treasure Hunting Mouse. The defensive array that had been deployed for many years at the beginning also collapsed in a twinkling of an eye under the action of small things, not to mention these temporary formations? As a result, it was not until Li Chengzhu led people into the three factions and caused a riot that Qi Zhengdao sadly found that his opponent was cunning like a monkey and could not touch him at all. The released disciples of the Hehuan Sect, who numbered 1500, each had a distinct task. Under the leadership of seven new disciples, every two of them carried a hostile disciple. The column scurried around, like a butterfly wearing flowers, directly into the early ring of Li Chengzhu. In one night, the disciples of the three factions lost nearly a thousand people again, and there was no news. Qi Zhengdao even has the heart to commit suicide now. Before the boy of Hehuanzong came, there were more than 12,brushed stainless steel sheet,000 people in this place, but now, there is only a small half left.


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