The swordsman

Even the things that my father had so carefully given to him on his deathbed were all lost from his own hands at the moment.

A nerd! I thought he had something good in this bag. But it was some smelly garbage. Waving his arms, he made the bag. Money, steel balls, copper buttons, silk, have thrown to the ground, suddenly jumped up, left hand to grasp a weak branch, right hand will The bag is hanging up. Zhanbai looked up and saw that the branch was thirty feet from the ground, but Fei Yitong's body hung on it like four taels of cotton. Yes, bounce up and down with the weak branches. With a loud shout, he jumped up, but knowing that his body was less than twenty feet, he "jumped" down again. A child laughed, turned over, crossed the branches, looked at the white on the ground, and laughed proudly. Show from the heart, anger big open, although know this strange person martial arts far above oneself, but early put life and death. Outside, continue to pounce with all your strength. This time he jumped to twenty feet away, and when he saw that the branch was not far from his head, he reached out his hand, but his thumb touched the branch. He could no longer jump up an inch, so he had to fall down again. This "hot hands childlike innocence" Fei Yitong clapped his hands and laughed, suddenly as if he was too proud, his body tilted and fell down. Zhan Bai secretly snorted, ready to give him a hard slap as soon as his body fell to the ground. But Fei Yitong jumped in the middle of the jump and carried a "dead man" in the air, and his body turned straight up and sat flat and steady. On the branch, laugh: "Young Man, if you can go up here, I return this broken bag to you." Zhanbai saw that his two feet hanging in the air kept shaking back and forth, while the weak branch was still only pressed down a little. The heart knew that this strange person seemed to jump crazily, but his martial arts were unfathomable. With a deep sigh, Fang turned around and walked out, but on second thought, he scolded himself. Self: "Zhan Bai, Zhan Bai,Magnesium Sulphate price, what kind of man are you? If you encounter a little difficulty, you will be timid. What else can you become in the future?" Something big? It's better to die. !” As soon as he read this, he felt the blood running in his heart, and suddenly he darted to the tree and climbed toward the trunk with his hands and feet. Up, I heard the strange man's laughter, but it seemed to have gone away. I looked up and saw that the branches were empty. It was empty, and the strange man had gone nowhere. Looking around in a twinkling of an eye, the wind blew the trees, the cunning leaves sifted, and the laughter, which was mixed with sarcasm and pride, had disappeared in the wind. Li. The exhibition was stunned, and seeing that the bag was still fluttering in the wind in the treetop, he climbed up a few feet and stretched out his right hand to grab the bag. But the headmaster was five feet long, but his hand was less than three feet long. He was so anxious that he could not touch the bag in his hand anyway. The bag was still shaking, like the voice of the strange man, sarcastic and proud. Show white in the dark a gritted teeth, twist a pounce, will It grasps in the hand, but the body has no place to exert force, Magnesium Oxide price ,calcium nitrate sol, "poof" to fall to the ground, pedal, pedal, pedal out of a few steps, just stand firm. All of a sudden, his heart was filled with shame, anger, shame, and anger, and he did not know what it was like. He reached out his hand to explore the bag. It was empty in the morning, leaving only the faded silk. But there were so many things clogged up in his head that he couldn't sort them out himself. Get together for a clue. There was moonlight in the woods, but it was dark, and he walked blankly, forgetting where he had come from. Not knowing where to go, he could not help secretly condemning himself: his father's will, the great trust of his friends, he could not do the same. Even the things that my father had so carefully given to him on his deathbed were all lost from his own hands at the moment. Even if there is a heart to die to apologize, but what face to see his father in the grave? So he began to search the ground, hoping to find what had been thrown by the strange man like a madman, but on the opposite side of the company. How can you find these tiny things in the woods where you can't see clearly? I do not know how long, he stopped, trying to suppress the chaotic thoughts in his heart, eyes four sweep, see oneself stand. Body place, unexpectedly or just met "Yanyun Wubatian" and "Anle Childe" and other people in the forest clearing, but at the moment has Even the body of Hua Qingquan, who was "chasing the wind without a shadow", was moved by someone. Looking up, he saw that the moon and stars were still bright in the treetops. "I don't know what time it is now," he said. "I'll rest here. Next, wait for the day to be bright, and then go to the forest to look for those father's relics, alas! Anyway, I have nowhere to go now, and I am here. What difference does it make to stay here for a moment less? His mind was at a loss, so he found a stone at random and sat down leaning against the tree, only to feel that the thoughts were getting more and more confused. Wan fell asleep unconsciously, not knowing that the east was white. In his sleep, he seemed to have returned to his golden childhood, and his kind mother was patting him gently. Humming an unknown children's song. Then he smiled, and the rising sun, like a loving mother's hand, gently brushed him, and for a moment he did not know the moment. It's really a dream. Only feel that the hand clapping on his body, unexpectedly more and more heavy, finally a rub of the eyes, woke up, but there is ear. A gentle voice said, "The morning dew and the morning breeze are so heavy. Aren't you afraid of catching cold when you sleep here?" The sound became more and more real, so real that he knew it was not from a dream. He tried to clear his head and open his eyes. As soon as I looked, I saw a beautiful middle-aged woman in beautiful clothes standing in front of me, looking at Zizhao with a very kind look. And this kind of vision, he has not enjoyed for a long time. When the beautiful middle-aged woman saw him open his eyes, she smiled kindly on her face and said, "Young people don't know how to borrow their own lives." Life, when you get old, it's too late to regret. Although the voice is kind, it seems to have a kind of indescribable melancholy flavor. Zhan Zi was stunned and turned over to get up. He was a man of true love, but now he saw that this middle-aged beautiful woman was not like him. Know, but so gentle and kind to treat themselves, the heart can not help but greatly moved, want to say a few words of gratitude, but I do not know. What to say. When the beautiful middle-aged woman saw him like this,Magnesium Oxide powder, she looked even more kindly in her eyes. With a deep sigh, she added, "Man.".


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