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A few days later an army of a thousand men was stationed at the head of the Little Baron Fontaine This is a

A few days later an army of a thousand men was stationed at the head of the Little Baron Fontaine This is a mixed force of hoplites longbowmen and crossbowmen who specialize in dealing with cavalry charges all made up of elite veterans These fighting powers all come from Count Cang Lu At the head of the troops was Sir Hogan popularly known as Old Hogan Old Hogan was fifty years old Flavors and Fragrances had been in the army for more than thirty years had led his troops cautiously and steadily and had rarely been defeated in his life Originally a commoner he started as a soldier and worked his way up to a knighthood Although the old knight could not touch the threshold of the upper class at all at such a critical moment the Count of Cang Lu would always think of him Richard is a very tough nut to crack A really smart nobleman who wants to add the glory of military merit to his family will only go to those rabble of bandits and bandits No one will be willing to fight with Richard except for a few guys who are extremely arrogant or have a tendency to self-abuse The newly arrived troops of the Baron of Fontaine also included two great magicians and two clergymen of the tenth rank as well as six junior priests Count Canglu's follow-up troops were being assembled a larger force including two hundred elite heavy cavalry six hundred light cavalry and two hundred Knights of the Temple The Temple of Xerxes sent a group of warlords led by a twelve-level warlord and two other great magicians were among them Leading the follow-up legion was the younger brother of Count Canglu the uncle of Viscount Shim and the warrior of the Holy Land Sir Odom Irascible cruel and unscrupulous Odom had in an earlier year been demoted from baronetcy to the rank of knight for having married a lady of royal blood But because of his status as the Holy Land the disposal ended there As for the aristocratic lady she was later regarded as a disgrace by the family and sent to the countryside to marry a knight from a remote territory But Odom chased him there again and then the knight had an accident and the lady became his lover In addition to these'small 'flaws Odom's personal strength is strong and he is also very talented in leading so in the eyes of the top big shots he can still be reused When the reinforcements arrived Baron Fontaine would assemble a well-equipped army of more than three thousand men equipped with four great magicians and a regiment of battle gods and with the strong of the Holy Land in command under the command of the steady and experienced Sir Hogan This is an army that can crush Richard regardless of sand table deduction or actual combat power It is no problem even to challenge the strength of the count under the Duke of Grey Wolf Novel t-xt paradise Chapter 191 in a dilemma The upper class of the Redwood Kingdom once again got the talk after dinner Of course the educated nobles would not directly laugh at the fuss of the Unicorn family in the highlands Chemicals Suppliers but countless metaphors and eyes flew and everyone was waiting for the result of the elephant and ant battle with a feeling of watching the latest opera What is concerned is not the victory or defeat which is beyond doubt but how long it will take for the Great Magic Teacher behind Richard to have to appear However there are also people who watch the farce with calm eyes Although the Grey Wolf Duke of Deep Rock City is not there the frequency of visits by some powerful figures in the vassals is not decreasing but increasing Nearby bordered by the barony of Fontaine and the barony of Sir Richard there was also an independent Marquis and a number of viscounts and barons belonging to other lords some of whom had begun quietly to strengthen their defenses There was joy in the castle at dusk and the gloom of the earlier days was swept away when old Sir Hogan's army arrived In the most luxurious meeting room of the castle Sir Hogan Count Latour Sir Bubka the Great Magician Thornster the Oracle Barnes and other powerful figures sat around the table to discuss the next battle strategy The little baron's uncle was not qualified to enter the meeting room at all He was completely equivalent to a role of running errands The young baron and the former Baroness Fontaine on the other hand were driven out of Dusk Castle in the name of inviting them to spend their holidays in the countryside where the fresh air helped the young baron to thrive and calmed the former Baroness Fontaine's sadness At this moment Count Latour has introduced the terrain and armaments of Flavors and Fragrances Richard's territory and has briefly listed several important combat forces known to Richard U point com Latour did not want to introduce so simply but the information about Richard's strong men was pitiful most of it was obtained from the surviving warriors of Baron Fontaine They also have information from Deep Rock but it seems as unreliable as Viscount Shim and other released prisoners Sir Hogan half silver-haired was standing in front of the map drawing out several important strongholds with a magic pen and choosing a route to March It was a mature plan and it was being carried out the old knight repeated mainly to let the magician and the oracle know something These noble judges are very troublesome They don't know how to March and fight but if the battle plan is not known to them they will be seriously dissatisfied Because according to the convention the big magician can choose his own position on the battlefield in addition to the large-scale strategic attack that must be carried out with the main force the magic confrontation with the other magician is also decided independently Under the pen of Sir Hogan there is another meandering curve from the Earl of the Grey Deer collar to the Baron of Fontaine collar Gentlemen Sir Odom's army has been assembled and now awaits the arrival of the Orons of War and the Great Sorcerer It is expected to arrive in ten days Said Sir Hogan Ha! As soon as Sir Odom's army arrives we'll be able to teach Richard a lesson he'll never forget Said Sir Bubka with a smile Then he spread out his hands and said "I wish our Sir Richard could build his magnificent castle in ten days!" There was a burst of laughter in the conference room Although entangled with such a strong force but the latecomers present for the Lord almost out of the fuss is still very disapprovingly The disappearance of two squadrons of Eagle Flag Knights was given the strictest ban Apart from a few core figures most people only know Richard's achievements in annihilating the army of Viscount Shim


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