Lord Shangshu is easy to bow down.

She also did not want to calculate Xie yuan Niang, but to blame Xie yuan Niang too many things, bad her plan

She also did not want to calculate Xie yuan Niang, but to blame Xie yuan Niang too many things, bad her plan, in this case, it is like the previous life, let Xie yuan Niang marry early. But Xie yuan Niang how to calculate Gu Tingzhi, this matter must be well thought out, that is, let Xie yuan Niang succeed, and can not damage the reputation of Xie Fu. Xie Wenhui breathed a long sigh of relief, this matter is really some headache. —————— On February 13, the Hsieh family, except for the two Hsieh yuan-niang sisters, stayed in the mansion. Kong took the Kong brothers and sisters to the clan school early. Hsieh yuan-niang had finished carving the private seal for Jiang Cai. She put it in her purse and prepared to give it to him directly when she saw Jiang Cai next time. Only then did she concentrate on carving her own seal. When Hanxue came over, Xie yuanniang was having a rest and drinking tea. When she saw Yanxin coming over, she knew she had something to do, so she asked directly, "But what did you hear again?" She only ordered once, the cold snow is particularly attentive, the things in the house are always asked to come back to report, small to the house which servant saw which little man a few eyes, and was arranged by which servant, big to the father after returning to the house because of drinking and was rushed to the front yard by his mother to sleep in the study,Cold Drawn Tubes, Xie yuan Niang also did not know how the cold snow is so carefully, to be surprised by her fierce. Is a burst of secretly pleased, there is such a capable girl, in the future less can not help a lot of help. In this way, Xie yuanniang also paid more attention to the cold snow. Hanxue was very serious when she reported the matter, which was quite different from her usual talkative and laughing temperament. "The maidservant heard the servants in the house talking at the corner gate today that the lady was going to look at the eldest son of Gu Fu for the eldest girl." Xie yuan-niang sat up straight, and the smile on her face converged. "Can you hear it accurately?" Cold snow way, "the maidservant also specially asked a few,impact beam tubes, all said so, this matter is also spread from the Mochizuki Tower, yesterday afternoon when Kong Shi went to comfort the big girl to mention the matter." Xie yuan-niang slowly leaned back on the soft pillow, looking out of the window, not knowing what she was thinking, and the cold snow did not disturb her. For a long time, Xie yuanniang asked again, "can you find out exactly what was said at that time?" "There's nothing specific about it. It's just that your ladyship has seen that the eldest son's classmates have good conduct and family background. Now that the master has been demoted, the eldest girl wants to see the eldest girl." Xie yuanniang was stunned. She heard these words in her previous life, and then she was angry that her mother was partial to her sister. She only thought about her sister in a good marriage. She was arrogant and did not admit defeat. When she heard that Gu Tingzhi had gone to the second room, she took the opportunity first. There are some things that a little girl can't see, but if she were a woman who had lived a lifetime longer, she would find something wrong at this time. Not to mention Jinling City, even in the Taiyuan Dynasty, Gu Fu was one or two of the hottest families in the world. What is Xie Fu like? Even the first auxiliary gatekeeper's face is not as good as, Jinlingcheng street can easily point out a three-grade official's five-grade chief, side impact beams ,side impact door beams, where is such a family qualified to look at Gu Tingzhi, the eldest son of Gu Fu? In a flash, like a flood that burst its banks, things that had never been thought of in a previous life suddenly brightened up in this life. Girl.. "Hanxue saw that the girl's face suddenly turned pale, and she called out worriedly.". Xie yuan-niang exerted all her strength to suppress the fluctuating mood and the tears gushing out of her eyes. Her voice sounded weak. "I'm all right. You go down first." Cold snow a face of worry, hesitated to listen to the girl again ordered, "this matter you let people stare at the quiet and quiet movement, there is a situation at any time back to me." Hanxue saw that the girl's voice was not as weak as it had just been, so she was relieved and retreated. Out of the inner room, the cold snow is still not at ease, back to the wing can not help but say this to the drunken winter, "sister, where the girl would like to wake up sister Mei to see?" "Girls don't like to keep vigil when they are young." Drunken winter turned his back to his sister. "You just need to do what the girl told you, and ask more about the rest." Cold snow still wants to ask again, see elder sister does not want to say more, this just obediently shut up, for a long time she murmured again, "is the girl sad madam only thinking of the big girl?" In the darkness, no one answered her. Cold snow thought that the elder sister slept, this just turned over to sleep, but did not know drunk winter has not slept, heard the younger sister breathing smoothly, just took a deep breath out, let the younger sister inquire about these news, for the girl also did not know is a good thing or a bad thing. On the other side of the main room, Xie yuan-niang lay on the bed, her eyes wide open in the dark, with tears in the corners of her eyes. I love you since I was a child. No matter what you do and what you want, all good things can come to you, but how do you do it? That's your sister. You robbed her marriage. How can she face the world in the future? "I don't have a shameless daughter like you, and I can do anything to rob my sister's marriage." "You don't have to call me mother in the future. I'll just pretend I didn't give birth to you." "You don't have to go back to Xie's house after you get married. You don't need your mother's family. Our Xie family doesn't have a daughter like you, and we can't afford to lose such a person." One after another scolding, living in the heart of Xie yuan Niang for a lifetime, until death, often think of, her heart is in pain. She hated her capriciousness and hurt her relatives, so after she married, she was cold to Gu Tingzhi, silently bearing Gu Tingzhi's indifference without resistance, and even wore off her edges and corners and lived like a corpse, numb for the rest of her life. Looking back on her previous life until her death, she felt sorry for her sister and hurt her mother. It was not until this moment that Xie yuanniang realized how ridiculous she was. No wonder her mother-in-law often heard her self-reproach and guilt, always can not help looking at her sigh, and a look of desire to speak and stop, she thought that her mother-in-law's identity is not good to persuade her, after all, she tarnished the reputation of Gu Fu, she is a bad woman. Her idea is really ridiculous, the truth is that her mother-in-law does not want to tell the truth to make her sad. There is a world of difference between Xie Fu and Gu Fu, and it is impossible for the two families to look at each other, so the so-called two families in the previous life looked at each other,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but also the mother wanted to calculate Gu Tingzhi and her sister, but she mistakenly took the lead in calculating Gu Tingzhi, and finally she married into Gu Fu. cbiesautomotive.com


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