Doomsday Paradise

The visa officer was stopped and rubbed the bag without making a sound. After thinking about it, he said

The visa officer was stopped and rubbed the bag without making a sound. After thinking about it, he said, "I saw you were going upstairs to open the visa before. Why didn't you go?"? Just so you know. The visa in my hand is not that good. Lin Sanjiu did not answer him, but asked with luck, "Do you have a visa for the twelve realms?" "No." "What about a blank visa?" "No. Blank visas are very precious. Generally, they are mainly supplied to organizations of all sizes in the twelve realms, because they have more financial resources than the average evolutionist. Even if you go to the second floor of the association, I don't think you can get them out." In the heart secretly sighed, Lin Sanjiu rubbed the temple: "Then what do you have?" "To tell you the truth," the visa officer shook the bag in his hand and said with a fair face, "I don't even have a visa to arrive six months before the end of the year, and all the visas for C level and below are open. Now I have only two B-level visas, three A-level visas, and a few world visas that are not easy to judge. Look, you're asking so much. [Download the complete works of txt] I will not pursue your hijacking of me. You just say whether you want it or not. When Lin Sanjiu heard this, he couldn't help but gasp. He was stunned for a second. Then he asked, "How can there be a doomsday world that is not easy to judge?" "Of course," the visa officer glanced at her, "the so-called level, are only our evolutionists themselves according to the difficulty of the doomsday world, some have never heard of the new world, even the wooden fish encyclopedia forum has no information, so even the visa officer naturally will not know what level they are." This is really not easy to handle. Lin Sanjiu frowned. Ruyue Station is in the rating of the Twelve Realms. It's only level B, and she's already been killed once, and thanks to her consciousness, she's saved her life-but the aftermath is still lurking in her body. This time without the meaning of the teacher, even if their fighting power rises. The B-level world is always a little scary. "If you have to ask me to open a visa, but you don't want to open a high-level world," the visa officer also saw something, blinked a pair of eyes and said: "Then you can open a temporarily unrated doomsday world visa and try your luck-after all, the low-level world is supposed to be more than the high-level one in terms of quantity and probability. Every time my visa is opened to the end. Often there is no rating to open first, followed by B, the rest of the A-level no one wants; as for the world above A, few visa officers can open out, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic bulk containers, anyway, no one is willing to go. This is also true, even if it is a random transmission, it may not be transmitted into an A-level world-Lin Sanjiu nodded, sighed, and had to accept this is not the way: "." All right, get me one. The visa officer immediately pulled out a piece of paper from his cuff, pressed it skillfully with both hands, and asked with an expressionless face, "Name?" I can't even say it now. Lin Sanjiu answered in a low voice with great resistance: "Lin Sanjiu." "Three of three?"? A drink of wine? The visa officer asked, his expression unchanged, apparently the name did not arouse his vigilance: ".." All right, here you are. Lin Sanjiu took a deep breath and took the small piece of paper. Before she could look at it, she turned it into a card and put it away. Then she raised her chin to the visa officer and said, "You go first." "It's so mysterious." The man of black rim of the eye also reacted to come over, put away red crystal, mumble ground to climb down housetop: "Not be to open a visa..." Without answering, Lin Sanjiu just sat there and watched him disappear all the way into the streets of the free zone before he stood up and rushed out in a different direction. Even if this guy returned to the visa officer association and immediately found himself a wanted criminal, the time in between was enough for Lin Sanjiu to completely integrate her traces into the free zone-after finally confirming that there were no pursuers behind her, she returned to Xiaoyi's place in the dark. …… The big shot in the visa officer association would never have thought that she would return to the vicinity of the association after fleeing for half a day. As soon as he lowered his head, he walked into the doorway from under the headlight sign hanging askew. As soon as Lin Sanjiu's eyes swept, he saw Ji Shanqing sitting bored on the ground with his back against the 207 box. Seeing the owner coming towards him, the gift bag immediately jumped up and launched a complaint. Sister. You can't take care of me in the future. "Before Lin Sanjiu approached the cabinet, Ji Shanqing began to mutter:" You ran too fast. I couldn't catch up with you at all. I only ran two steps. Someone came out behind me, and I could only walk slowly as if nothing had happened. I was so scared that I was almost found out. Lin Sanjiu opened the cabinet door with a sound and turned to ask, "Did you see the man chasing me?" "No," Ji Shanqing shook his head honestly. "Those who came out seemed to be some minions. I didn't see the appearance of the'dean '." “…… I don't know who the bastard behind this war slave training camp is. Lin Sanjiu sighed softly. Had she not been afraid of arousing the vigilance of the visa officer, she really wanted to ask who the "dean" was-now she did not know how hard she was being pursued, and naturally did not dare to go out rashly to inquire. No matter who it is, as soon as you get this visa, you will probably have to meet the dean's men in the next world. Ji Shanqing flattened his mouth. There is no way-unless Lin Sanjiu has made up his mind not to get a visa in his life. Otherwise, as long as they want to check, they can always find her next world visa information. I can't help it. That's what it's like to be hunted. Lin Sanjiu, who already knew this well, answered with indifference. By the way, you go to the owner here to rent a room first, rent a clean one. It's always safer for you to go it alone. Ji Shanqing nodded and went upstairs with a few red crystals. Ever since she got her visa,plastic pallet crates, Lin Sanjiu hadn't had time to look at it; she took out a pen and paper, turned the visa into a card, and conveniently put it in the cabinet.


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