The reborn childe is very beautiful.

Before Leng Hongye called Ji Tianyong'Ji Laoge 'this is just polite, now Ji Tianyong called him the

Before Leng Hongye called Ji Tianyong'Ji Laoge 'this is just polite, now Ji Tianyong called him the same'Big Brother', then he naturally followed this step down. Ji Tianyong and Leng Hongye chatted for a long time, while Ji Xiuyun and Ji Xiuzhu were ordered to entertain other guests. Gu Jincheng, Cao Yanyang, a Si and a few of the younger generation all stood in the corner, several people discussed, Ji Xiuzhu also threw away the burden, walked to their side. Seeing the appearance of Ji Xiuzhu, several people immediately raised their eyebrows one after another. Cao Yanyang's eyes narrowed slightly and his mood looked very good. "Why did you come here?"? Don't have to entertain guests? Hearing this, Ji Xiuzhu stretched out a finger and shook it at several people. Then he smiled and said, "Aren't you guests?"? I'm entertaining the grandson-in-law that the old man likes. When Ji Xiuzhu spoke, he emphasized the three words'grandson and son-in-law, 'and heard several men present pumping the corners of their mouths one after another. Others do not know, but they know in their hearts can not be more clear. Even if Mr. Ji has that kind of mind, they don't have the courage to rob people with Lu Jingshu? Isn't that asking for death? "No, no, no, if that one hears me, my life will be here." Cao Yanyang hurriedly shook his hand at Ji Xiuzhu, and the frightened look on his face was definitely not made. After all,tube fitting manufacturer, he works under Lu Jingshu, and he knows what kind of character Lu Jingshu is. On weekdays, although the performance of indifference is incomparable, but if it involves Ji Anyan, this is not a joke. Several men standing beside Cao Yanyang immediately showed some curiosity about Cao Yanyang's words. In fact, people who come here all know that although this is the birthday party of the old man Ji, the old man's original intention is to introduce his granddaughter who has been missing for many years. And these people are precisely the candidates for the'grandson-in-law 'who are favored by the old man. Although there is some surprise and a little joy in the heart, after all,38 needle valve, they still have some understanding of Ji Anyan, this woman is beautiful, the key is the identity is not general, if really be taken a fancy to by that one, then this walk out of the face also has a bit of light. But compared with Cao Yanyang and Gu Jincheng, they seem too insignificant. Having figured this out, they had no idea about Ji Anyan in their hearts. Although Ji Anyan is really excellent, but. They really don't have the confidence. Just, what did Cao Yanyang mean just now? Is it difficult for Mr. Ji to find someone better than them among the candidates he likes? Thinking like this, they asked the doubts hidden in their hearts, "Yang Shao, what do you mean by this?" "What do you mean?" Cao Yanyang flew a look toward several people, in the eyes of several people's doubts, his lips slightly hooked, his face showed a fox-like smile, 14 needle valve ,14 tube fitting, "meaning that our three young ladies absolutely can not touch." "Tut, Tut, Yang, don't exaggerate so much." Ji Xiuzhu leaned on Gu Jincheng's body, and the smile on his face looked a little strange. These two people sing one and one, although did not hear what thing, but the heart of a few people already understood most. Perhaps, that Ji Anyan, Miss Ji San's character is probably not what most people can afford. Several people are thinking, Cao Yanyang's voice rang again, "You will know later, how excellent that person is, so that you and he have no comparability at all." Shrugging his shoulders, Cao Yanyang said a little carelessly, but the words fell on the ears of several people, but they felt a little surprised. Cao Yanyang's identity is not as good as that of Ji Xiuzhu and Ji Xiuyun, but it is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Now even he has said such words, so what is the identity of the'man 'in his mouth just now? Speaking of this, the hearts of several people are also clear. Although I don't know the name of that man, what I can be sure of is that he must be Ji Anyan's man. Ji Xiuzhu looked at the changing faces of several people, with a shallow smile on his face, but there was a disdainful cold awn across his eyes. You want to take your own sister with this kind of stuff? I don't know how the old man liked it at that time. Although the heart for Lu Jingshu robbed his sister this fact feel very unhappy, but in some ways, Ji Xiuzhu has to admit that Lu Jingshu's excellence, absolutely no one can compare. Not even him and his big brother. Such a man can match his own sister. All right, Yang, don't scare them if you have nothing to do. But when will that one come? Have you got any news? The banquet was about to begin, but there was no sign of Lu Jingshu. In fact, not only Lu Jingshu, but also the people around Lu Jingshu, such as Qu Xingzhou, did not appear. This aroused a little suspicion from Ji Xiuzhu. Is it difficult for that one to come out with a large number of appearances? Have to say, this time, Ji Xiuzhu's guess is very accurate! -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- If you have time tomorrow, it will be more ~ hahaha ~ Chapter 189: Banquet Confrontation. Ji Xiuzhu several people seemed to think of something, for a time unexpectedly Qi Qi fell into silence. A few people on one side looked at the appearance of Ji Xiuzhu, only to feel that these people are very abnormal today. Although these young masters are not the kind of dandy, but in this capital it can be said that the wind is the wind, the rain is the rain. On weekdays, how can we see them as silent and deep as they are today? After several people looked at each other, they seemed to want to open their mouths to break the silence of the room, but in the end they just moved their lips and did not say anything. At eight o'clock in the evening, it was time for the banquet to begin. Mr. Ji is wearing a red Tang suit, probably because people are happy and happy, and the whole person's spirit looks good. Ji Anyan stood beside the old man, wearing the same red dress. Dressed in a long red slim dress, the back of the dress is hollowed-out,ball valve manufacturer, revealing Ji Anyan's white back, the dress falls to the ground, only a pair of crystal shoes with a few diamonds can be seen faintly.


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