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Du Yuejuan suddenly raised her eyebrows and said with a sneer, "With your little martial arts, am I really afraid

Du Yuejuan suddenly raised her eyebrows and said with a sneer, "With your little martial arts, am I really afraid that you won't succeed? To tell you the truth, the twelve serial peaks of the Great Snow Mountain are like an iron wall. No matter how good your martial arts are, you can't break out. If you don't believe me, you might as well go with me and have a look. You'll know if my sister-in-law is alarmist." As soon as Luo Yanqiu's heart moved, he suddenly remembered the words of Master Bo Huijue. He thought to himself, Now Master Bo and Elder Sister Lu may have gone deep into the hinterland of the Twelve Lianhuan Peaks, and Sister Hong's whereabouts are unknown. This person's martial arts are not weak. If I really fall out with her, no matter how I win or lose, I will fight with all my strength. Even if I win her, I will be exhausted and exhausted. If I want to be brave again, Breaking into the hinterland of the twelve-link peak, I'm afraid it's not easy. It's better to borrow her strength to go deep into the important place. As soon as he changed his mind, he put away his sword and said with a smile, "The twelve serial peaks are just connected together. What's there to see?" Du Yuejuan giggled and said, "The natural dangers and obstacles, together with the endless manpower, form an iron wall and a dragon's pool and a tiger's den." "" In that case, "said Luo Yanqiu," I must go and have a look. Du Yuejuan's eyes were so sharp that she had already seen his intention from Luo Yanqiu's expression. She smiled and said, "Brother, if you can trust your sister-in-law's words, please follow me to Xiaoyao Villa of Twelve Lianhuan Peaks to see how strong the Snow Mountain Sect is." Luo Yanqiu said with a smile, "My sister-in-law is very kind. It's better to obey my orders than to be respectful." Du Yuejuan smiled lightly and said, "Brother, please follow me, so that I won't waste my breath along the way." She suddenly straightened her face, and her smile became solemn. Luo Yanqiu nodded and said,die casting parts, "I wrote it down." Du Yuejuan turned and ran forward, as fast as an arrow in the air. With her fast and peerless posture, she forced Luo Yanqiu to perform flying skills and catch up with all her strength. Du Yuejuan grew up on the twelve-link peak, and she knew the terrain like the palm of her hand. She was also the younger martial sister of Zixu Taoist, the head of the Snow Mountain Sect. Her status was supreme. The head of the three inner halls all wanted to give her three points. Most of the disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect knew her. As soon as they saw her, they dared not show up and ask questions. All the way was unimpeded. She ran faster and faster, so fast that Luo Yanqiu could not see the scenery around her. After a long meal, Du Yuejuan stopped at the foot of a very dangerous mountain peak and said, "Brother, this is the first dangerous peak to enter the twelve-link peak. Do you think it's easy to get through?" Luo Yanqiu looked up and saw the cliff standing upright. There was a stone step three or four feet wide in the middle, with smooth, mirror-like stone walls on both sides. Apart from climbing up from the stone step, even with excellent flying skills, it was difficult to fly up. He could not help sighing and praising: "It's really very dangerous. One man guarding the pass, socket screw plug ,titanium machining parts, ten thousand men can't pass it." Du Yuejuan smiled and said, "This is a dangerous obstacle. It's called the Heavenly Ladder. There are 1,225 stone steps. There are thirteen hidden cards in the middle." Then he jumped up. Luo Yanqiu followed closely and jumped in the air. On the top of the mountain, there is a wide plain, and the ice on the peak has been removed artificially. A gust of mountain wind blew up Du Yuejuan's clothes. She looked up at the stars in the sky, pondered for a while, and turned back: "Brother, if you go further, you will see the Twelve Ring Peaks. The rules of our Snow Mountain Sect are very strict. Although the leaders of all the halls are modest to me, they dare not disobey my brother's orders. I hope that for the sake of my sister-in-law, I won't be too embarrassed after stepping into the forbidden place!" Luo Yanqiu said, "If there is any difficulty, I'd like to turn back immediately." Du Yuejuan smiled and said, "You're not very old, but you have a bad temper. It's not that I won't let you see it. I'll take you deep into the Forbidden Area on the Twelve Serial Peaks. I just want you to see the ambush facilities of our Snow Mountain Sect. As long as you don't look too explicit, I can have something to say.." With that, he turned and ran forward. Down the mountain peak, there was a very deep valley blocking the way. Luo Yanqiu saw that the valley was no less than twenty feet wide and narrow. No matter how good the flying skill was, it was difficult to fly across it. There was neither a bridge across it nor a ladder down the valley. He could not help frowning and asking, "How can I cross this deep valley?" Du Yuejuan said with a smile, "This is called the Valley of Broken Bodies. After passing this valley, it will be the location of the three halls outside the Snow Mountain Sect." With that, he bowed his head and let out a clear roar. On the opposite peak, there was a loud shout: "What man?" "Du Yuejuan of Xiaoyao Villa," said Du Yuejuan. He heard another loud shout from the opposite side and said, "Lord Du, wait a moment." Silence for a moment, suddenly heard the sound of bird wings in the air, a big gray goshawk fell in front of Du Yuejuan. Luo Yanqiu looked carefully and saw a very thin string tied to the goshawk's leg. Du Yuejuan waved her arm, grabbed the string on the goshawk's leg, pulled it hard for a while, and immediately showed a walnut-thick rope. It turned out that after the string tied to the eagle's leg, there was a thick rope. Du Yuejuan bent down and knotted the rope on the stone wall with her hand. Then she straightened up and turned around and said with a smile, "This thick rope goes straight through the opposite gully. It's a rope bridge that can be dismantled and built at any time. Do you dare to use it to cross the gully?" "What am I afraid of?" Asked Luo Yanqiu. As soon as he stepped up, he bent over his arm and grabbed the rope in the valley. Du Yuejuanhao stretched out her wrist and grabbed Luo Yanqiu by the shoulder. She looked back and said with a smile, "If you use this rope, which is tens of feet long, to climb with the strength of two hands alone, not only will your flesh suffer, but the speed will also be very slow." Luo Yanqiu looked back and asked, "You don't have to climb the rope with your hands. Can't you cross it with a hanging blue?" "" That's not necessary, "said Du Yuejuan with a smile. He reached into his bosom with both hands and took out a pair of white rings. Then he said, "Let's use this pair of white rings to cross the valley. Usually I use two rings for each person, but today we each use one. There is a special buckle handle where this white ring shakes hands." Luo Yanqiu said with a smile, "If the white ring breaks off in the middle of the slide, we will fall to pieces." On one side of Du Yuejuan's body, she grabbed the rope with her left hand,deep draw stamping, pressed the white ring button with her right hand, put on the rope and laughed: "Don't worry, brother. This pair of white rings is made of refined steel. It's very strong. You can rest assured that sister-in-law will go ahead." 。 autoparts-dx.com


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