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Said: "In fact, I really do not want to see their efforts to be Bai Yingfeng that bitch to destroy in a moment ah!" " This Li Huai also

Said: "In fact, I really do not want to see their efforts to be Bai Yingfeng that bitch to destroy in a moment ah!" " This Li Huai also can understand, he also knows, the company is the painstaking effort that Luo Tiancheng comes for years, say: "Then I continue to publicize a few adverse news of Bai's enterprise.". Then, uncle, you can use less money to buy those shares back. "Xiao Yun and I went to the old shareholders for dinner today. I probably know who the mole is. Now I can buy the company back. As for Bai Yingfeng, there is Lao Li Huai." Hearing this, Li Huai answered, and after a few more pleasantries, the two men hung up the phone. At this time, Li Huai looked at Shi Ming's room again, only to see that the lights on the other side of the room were already on. The passion play over there seems to have come to an end, but at this time, Li Huai's heart has produced an evil idea. Li Huai has a premonition that Gao Youxi's secret will become a powerful weapon for him to deal with Bai Yingfeng. With this in mind, he immediately turned around and walked to the neighborhood, then went to withdraw some money, and ran to the photographic equipment store, a high-definition camera. Li Huai has decided to focus on the woman of Gao Youxi these days. As long as she had any handle to be caught by Li Huai,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it would be much easier to obtain evidence of the crimes committed by Shi Ming and Bai Yingfeng. After buying things, Li Huai did not rush back to Biguiyuan. Instead, I went to eat something. Then he went home and called Lin Bo of the Feng Shui Association and asked them to pay attention to the fact that they continued to publicize that Bi Zhou Mountain was the dragon vein of Bi Zhou City. After hanging up the phone, Li Huai began to consider whether he should continue to ask the Earth God to create a situation. Unexpectedly, at this time the Earth God actually took the initiative to make a phone call to Li Huai. How's it going? Li Huai, was my earthquake a success today? The land is like an old urchin. Hearing this, Li Huai immediately answered, "Well,Nail machine manufacturer, it's really good. So if I want you to help me a few more times, can you?" "Of course, this is also to keep my dragon vein in the city of Bi Zhou, and, as I said, it's just a simple thing like a fart." Hearing Li Huai's request, the Earth God readily agreed. That's good! If I need your help again, I'll call you. With that, Li Huai hung up the phone. In the following time, Li Huai began to study the camera that he had just bought. According to the clerk at the counter, this Sony video camera is the best one now, and it uses the most advanced technology. However, it seems to be too advanced, Nail production machine ,Automatic nail machine, Li Huai read the English manual for two hours before he learned how to use it. When it was done, he lay on the top of the sofa. In the past two months, he has been used to sleeping on the sofa, so he doesn't want to change any more. To deal with the matter of Shi Ming, now almost ready, now just wait for the lover to find Gao Youxi again on the line. Li Huai has decided, in these days, every day to Biguiyuan there waiting, anyway, like Shi Ming this kind of person, certainly will not often at home. There are too many opportunities for them to have an affair. Thinking about it, Li Huai felt a burst of sleepiness, the whole person fell asleep in the past. This sleep, unexpectedly a sleep to the dawn. Volume V. The flames of war are everywhere Chapter 15-a new series of "Pornographic Photo Gate"? After getting up from the sofa, Li Huai felt his eyes were a little moist. He vaguely remembered that he had a dream last night. It seemed that he had dreamed of a woman. But no matter how he thought about it, he could not think of last night's dream any more, and forced to think about it made him feel a little headache. At this time, Li Huai took a deep breath, rubbed his eyes, and stood up from the sofa. After freshening up, he went out. He mainly wanted to buy a newspaper and read the news about Mount Bi Zhou. Sure enough, as Li Huai expected, the government has issued a notice today, saying that what happened yesterday was a coincidence. However, the government has also begun to investigate whether the geology there is suitable for building a bridge. Then, Li Huai turned the newspaper to the financial page and saw that the stock situation of Bai's enterprise today had become a miserable green, and his mouth inadvertently raised a smile. After buying the newspaper, Li Huai paced home like some old people. It can be said that today is the most pleasant morning he has had in more than a month. I stayed at home for a whole day before the arrival of the evening. At this time, Li Huai felt more energetic than ever before. He took the so-called most advanced camera and drove in the direction of Biguiyuan. This time, Li Huai deliberately chose another door to go in. Fortunately, the security guard did not suspect much, but looked curiously at the camera in Li Huai's hand and put him in. It is already eight or nine o'clock in the evening, and there are only a few people walking in twos and threes on the road of the community. At this time, Li Huai immediately found Shi Ming's room by memory. Unlike yesterday, at this time, the lights in the room had been turned on. Looking at the past from a distance, I saw Shi Ming and Gao Youxi both in the hall. Seeing this, Li Huai immediately felt a little disappointed, and it seemed that tonight's plan was going to fail. Li Huai just thought so, but suddenly there was a sudden situation in the room, two people seem to quarrel, although Li Huai is far away from the room, can not hear what they are arguing, but from their behavior,Coil nail machine, two people are definitely not a general quarrel so simple. Could it be that Shi Ming discovered Gao Youxi's hook? Li Huai thought so, and then continued to look into the room, only to see the crazy Shi Ming suddenly slapped Gao Youxi's face. 3shardware.com


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