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Li Zhi took a deep look at me and said, "Suiyun, after all, you have little experience in the army. In this king's opinion, it is my Dayong

Li Zhi took a deep look at me and said, "Suiyun, after all, you have little experience in the army. In this king's opinion, it is my Dayong who has been negligent. In the past few years, the struggle for the reserve has become more and more intense. I have forgotten that the world has not yet been pacified." I was suddenly enlightened and said, "It must be a spy of the Northern Han. Southern Chu is weak, and now everything is thriving. Although those people call themselves Shu people, the Shu people are quite stable under the rule of King Qing, and the Splendid Alliance has been destroyed, so only the Northern Han is possible. Your Highness just said that there are police at the border. I'm afraid it's because the Northern Han has the intention to invade the territory. This time they first sent people to provoke the Chang'an turmoil, which is also killing two birds with one stone. Not only can jump up the people's resentment, offset the influence of the emperor's sacrifice to the mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, but also can make the forces of Dayong suspicious of each other. Fang Caichen is still doubting whether Zheng Xia's assassination is due to the prince's anger. If it weren't for the fire in the East Palace, Zheng Xia told the emperor that the prince was not in the East Palace. I'm afraid the prince would not be under house arrest. Now it seems that it may also be the Northern Han Dynasty. King Yong shook his head and said, "The people of the Northern Han Dynasty are tough. It's possible to send someone to rob and kill. It's also possible to assassinate a general. But they can't assassinate a clean and honest civil official." Fiddling with the folding fan in my hand, I frowned and said, "Three great events happened tonight. King Qing's secret stronghold in Chang'an was destroyed. Zheng Shizhong was assassinated in front of the rosefinch gate. Now it's the Dongshi Incident. The Dongshi Incident is very likely to be the work of the Northern Han spies. Alas, I also neglected them. I didn't expect them to be so arrogant. Now it seems that it's the precursor of their invasion. King Qing, King Qing." This is possible, Changan if said who and king Qing have enmity,jujube seed powder, I'm afraid is the biggest suspect of phoenix instrument door, but this thing also just, is guess wrong is not a big deal, just who assassinate Zheng Shizhong? To tell you the truth, Zheng Shizhong is the emperor's loyal minister, always trusted by your majesty, now he personally involved in the matter of the East Palace, he has always been upright,ghana seed extract, the prince is already dissatisfied, there is such a person in the emperor's side, only good for your Highness, Mofei, Mofei.. I stopped talking, and the next speculation was so shocking that I didn't dare to think much about it. King Yong's heart moved, but he didn't say anything. He just said, "Suiyun, the Lord of Fengyi Gate tried with soft blue that day. We flatly refused. I'm afraid we'll have to be careful of the assassins of Fengyi Gate day and night from now on." I said coldly, "Your Highness doesn't want to be constrained by others, and I don't like to be restricted by others. Fengyimen has long been incompatible with Your Highness. Now, judging from the reaction of the Shaolin Sect, the day when the Fengyimen people betray their relatives is not far away. If Your Highness makes peace with Fengyimeng, he will lose his rare heart and opportunity." King Yong smiled proudly and said, akba boswellic acid ,best green coffee bean extract, "Although the king knows that Fengyi Gate can make it easy for me to ascend the throne, things in the world are often not to be greedy for shortcuts. The king is determined to unify the whole country. How can he be held hostage by others? Although the master of Fengyi Gate is well-intentioned, it is a pity that the king is not a person to be taught." I saluted and said, "Your Highness is ambitious. I admire you. I hope I can see a day of peace in the world." King Yong said in awe, "Suiyun, you have helped the king a lot. In the future, the king will discuss state affairs with you. You will surely see with your own eyes the day when the four seas will be peaceful." I smiled. Although I got the mental method of Shaolin Temple, I have made some progress in the past few days. But if I work so hard, I don't know how many years I can live. Looking at the sky reddened by the fire, I felt a little uneasy and said, "Your Highness, Your Highness didn't go to Qiaoshan with Your Majesty. Are you in Wuchen Nunnery today?" King Yong took one look at me and saw that I was in a trance. He shook his head gently and said, "Don't worry. There must be someone in Wuchen Nunnery to protect me. The emperor's younger sister is valuable. She is the beloved daughter of her father, and she is deeply respected and loved by the people of Dayong. So no one dares to relax. Don't you worry about Suiyun?" I blushed and said, "Your Highness, you should send someone to take a look at it, whether or not someone is going to protect the princess." King Yong smiled faintly and said, "I don't have to worry about that. The princess must have sent someone.". ” At this moment, a maid came in and said, "The princess ordered the maidservant to report to your Highness and the bodyguard sent to visit the princess. Manager Xiahou has taken someone to protect the Dustless Nunnery. Now the situation is chaotic. The princess also sent a letter to your Highness, advising the princess to return to the palace tomorrow. The princess has agreed, and said that she would let the empress take Miss Roulan into the palace to see her." King Yong waved his maid to step down. Then I was relieved and asked, "Who should be guarding Prince Yong's mansion now? Has Your Highness paid attention to it?" King Yong laughed and said, "If the king wants to wait for you to remind him, I'm afraid it will be too late. It's Pei Yun who is outside now. Don't worry. No one can take the opportunity to harm the king. Besides, didn't you tell the palace guards to be on guard long ago?" I smiled, and just now I asked Sima Xiong to go out in private to send orders to be on guard. Unexpectedly, I didn't hide it from the eyes of King Yong. While we were continuing to study tonight's incident, Qin Qing's emissary had already entered the gate of Prince Yong's mansion. After hearing the emissary's report, King Yong's face sank and he said, "These spies are too hateful. Dongshi is an important place in Chang'an, but this time they have suffered heavy losses. Now I'm afraid they are fishing in troubled waters. Which of the businessmen in Dongshi does not have bodyguards? If this goes on, I'm afraid Dongshi will become ruins. This is no good. The king must go to deal with it immediately." "Your Highness," I said hurriedly, "the East City is in chaos now. If your Highness goes there, it's all right to settle the dispute. If it's useless, I'm afraid someone will blame your Highness for this. Now it's better to be quiet than to move. Please think twice." But this time King Yong, who had always been obedient to me, shook his head and said, "Suiyun, this king is Prince Dayong, the commander in chief of the armed forces. At this time, it is time for me to do my best for the court and the people. How can I care about my personal gains and losses? If the rebellion in Dongshi is calmed down a moment earlier, the losses will be less. Zhangsun Ji and Sima Xiong, you order one hundred Qinwei and go with me to Dongshi to do everything in the Suiyun, you have to be careful. Master Cizhen and Xiao Shunzi should have at least one by your side. I still wanted to dissuade him, but when I looked up,ghana seed extract, Li Zhi was so energetic and powerful that he couldn't speak. He had to bow his head and said, "I'm obedient. Your Highness, please rest assured. I'll send him to the back house to protect the princess and several princesses. There are Master Cizhen and General Pei outside. Your Highness doesn't have to worry about things in the house." 。 prius-biotech.com


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