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Lian Xiaoqiang said disappointedly, "In this world, everyone is for himself." Lian Xiaojun did not have these exclamations

Lian Xiaoqiang said disappointedly, "In this world, everyone is for himself." Lian Xiaojun did not have these exclamations, his face burst into a smile and clapped his hands: "It's really good." Did not also nod to smile: "Yes, really good, madam took the capital, the contribution is illustrious." Lian Xiaojun turned around and said, "I want to write a letter to my wife." When he left Yangzhou, Jiang Liang told him that his wife missed him very much and asked him to write often. Of course, Lian Xiaojun didn't believe what the old aide said, but he could do it. It didn't matter whether his wife missed him or not. The important thing was that he missed his wife. He often wrote to his wife about what he had done, and she occasionally wrote back to him, asking him if he was used to eating and drinking outside. His words were simple but full of concern, which showed that his wife would be close to him without relying on her face. Now that his wife was overjoyed, of course he had to write to congratulate her as soon as possible. It's just that Jiannan Road is remote. Is it a little late to send it now? "No, it's never too late as long as it's true." Self-doubting and self-comforting, he holds his sleeve and looks for ink, like a young man looking forward to seeing his sweetheart. "Don't worry, Childe. I've written it for you and sent it to the capital,plastic packaging tube," said the young man. The boy breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. That's good." Even small Qiang do not want to see them, turned to face the wall, a group of ghosts do not even have a heart, where the true feelings. Since there was no need to write a letter, Lian Xiaojun put down his sleeve and asked, "So, there is no master in charge of the Dao Ya now?" "Master Li San was entrusted by Li Mingyu to take charge of Jiannan Dao,empty lotion tubes," he said. "But in fact, Master Li San was able to take charge of Jiannan Dao with the help of someone. Both of them were servants of Li Fengan. One was called Min Min'er, and the other was Zhang Fang Lin." That is to say, Master Li San is actually a facade, and even Xiao Qiang is listening curiously by the wall. My little cousin really didn't lie. It was up to him to decide who was his relative. Lian Xiaojun laughed and said, "So now these two people are still in the Dao Ya?" "It seems that Minmin isn't here," he said. "He often comes and goes without a trace. I can't find out exactly where he is. That Lin never leaves the Dao Ya, but he doesn't see people casually." "I'm not a casual person. I'm the cousin of Governor Mingyu." Lian Xiaojun picked up a fan on the table and pointed outward. "Go, I'll go and see him." The name post was handed in, and sure enough, without any hindrance, Lian Xiaojun was invited into the Dao Ya. Under the watchful eyes of the busy officials, Lian Xiaojun walked all the way to a remote courtyard. Although the courtyard was remote, polyfoil tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, there were many people, either carrying burdens or carrying baskets, like a group of laborers running back and forth, but what they said was all kinds of numbers. Lian Xiaojun looked at them curiously, and they also looked at Lian Xiaojun, and their mouth was still reading, and their eyes were full of surprise. The door of the main hall opened, and someone looked behind half the door and looked at Lian Xiaojun who was coming. After only one look, he slammed the door. Even Xiao Qiang said in a low voice, "He doesn't even look at you. Your beauty can't fool him." Lian Xiaojun smiled, ignoring Lian Xiaoqiang's teasing, and saluted the closed door: "Hello, Mr. Lin." "It's Minmin again." A thick nasal voice came from inside the door, and immediately the voice rose. "Go, go, I know what you want to do, go quickly." Lian Xiaojun was aggrieved: "But I haven't said anything yet." The door opened a crack and a pair of muddy eyes looked at him. Good-looking people like you. Lin said, "It's so bad that you can't believe anything." Lian Xiaojun smiled and said, "Even bad people can say good things."? "Listen before you judge." Lin hummed twice and said, "Master Lian, when you heard that Master Li San had been arrested, your relative wanted to help. What you said was just for this purpose. You should give up your heart. The governor allowed you to live here. Don't think about anything else." Lian Xiaoqiang curled her lips aside. Look, you know that these people in Jiannan Road are guarding against them like thieves. Lian Xiaojun sat up straight and said, "I can be a target like Master Li San." Behind the door, Lin tutted, "Look, it's so bad.". ” Chapter XVIII Purpose Master Li San is Li Mingyu's own uncle. When his father is absent, his uncle is his father. It is natural for a father to take charge of Jiannan Dao for his son. But when a son uses his father as a target, he is disloyal and unfilial. Only disloyal and unfilial people can think so. Lin stretched out a finger from the crack of the door and pointed at Lian Xiaojun. "Don't think you can slander him just because you are a relative of Mingyu." Relatives are the best to slander relatives, and outsiders are outsiders after all. Lian Xiaojun cried out that he was wronged: "I am sincere. It is the same for all relatives." "You can't use it if you are sincere." Lin dropped a sentence and slammed the door tightly. "You go quickly, or you don't go." It's not a good thing not to go. Lian Xiaoqiang immediately thought of the days when he was lying in the dungeon and drinking rock water. He was busy pulling Lian Xiaojun's clothes. Lian Xiaojun smiled and said, "Since Jiannan Dao doesn't need my help, I'll help someone else.". I want to do business with Jiannan Road for others. Lin in the door does not care: "You are not always doing business in Jiannan Road, we do not care about you, you are free." Lian Xiaojun said, "It's casual, but I can't do some business. You have to agree." He was complaining, but it didn't sound angry. Instead, he just felt aggrieved. Two young people sitting near the porch with their arms around them looked very sympathetic, and one could not help knocking on the door and calling Grandpa. Lin opened the crack in the door and scolded the two disciples away. Then he looked at Lian Xiaojun and said, "You don't have to show me this kind of gesture. I'm tired of seeing it long ago." Tired of watching or not, even Xiaojun doesn't care, as long as he's willing to talk. Mr. Lin. He said,cosmetic tube, "I want to sell rice in Jiannan Road." Lin narrowed his eyes and said, "Do you have a grain shop?"? Open it. We don't forbid you to open shops in Jiannan Road. You can open as many as you want. Lian Xiaojun said, "It's not just a grain store. I also want to be qualified to sell large amounts of rice out of the country." Selling out of the country is not the same as opening a grain shop in Jiannan Dao.


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